Legal essay writing services as a way to make money

Legal essay writing services as a way to make money

Writing student essays is a very common type of assignment in the United States. In this regard, most students use the services of essay writing services and pay good money for it. Services such as professional essay writing service perform essay writing on absolutely legal grounds.

Rewriter as a profession

Rewriters are authors who write texts on a task on a strictly defined topic, using sources of information or filling out writing in free-form. Authors-rewriters who work through intermediary sites, receive income in the amount of ten to fifty per cent of the cost of the ordered work. At the same time, they do not bear any costs for advertising their services and attracting customers. The most common orders for rewriters is to write an essay, the average cost of which is about 20 dollars.

Factors affecting the price increase of the finished essay:

  • the topic of increased complexity;
  • in-depth analysis for writing an essay;
  • the urgency of the order. If the customer needs to write an essay as soon as possible, the cost of such work sometimes increases several times.

To find a job in this field and successfully fulfil orders for writing an essay, a rewriter not only has to understand the topic on which he will write an essay for students, but also he needs to master the work with some services, with which he can check the written text for errors and uniqueness.

The legality of the work of writing an essay

It is quite natural that every new writer wants to protect himself and first of all before starting to write an essay to order interested in the legality of such activities. In the United States of America, essay writing activities for students are absolutely legal, just like the work of intermediary websites that search for clients and performers of essay writing services.

Despite this, sites offering services for writing essays to order, always warn its customers that it is not recommended taking an essay to check the teachers in the form in which they received it. Students need to make their own changes and improvements. They note that their bespoke essays are an ideal model for self-writing an essay on a student’s chosen topic.

Although the essays are written in a complete form, essay writing services claim that they do work to collect and process information, facts and arguments, as well as to build the structure of the text and its emotional content. It is assumed that the student who received an essay from the services for writing works, should study it and independently process and learn, and not take it for review without their modifications.

Thus, essay writing services do the work of collecting and researching information, and the student also takes part in the essay writing process, by processing the information provided to the according to his wishes.

From the point of maturity of the teacher, the implementation of the essay to order is unacceptable, but it is legitimate action, because when writing an essay to order there is no plagiarism, and therefore there is no infringement of copyright. Many of the authors who provide essay writing services to order are teachers themselves.

However, there are also Scam sites that offer essay writing services, luring customers:

  • the promise of high-quality essays;
  • attractive low price for the provision of services;
  • quick implementation of services for writing essays;
  • availability of discounts and various bonuses.

As a result, receiving payment from customers, all these promises are dissolved in the air along with those who gave these promises and the essay was not written. The activity of such services for writing essays is not only illegal but also criminal.