Is Thomas Sabo closing down?

Is Thomas Sabo closing down?

Just a few short years ago, Thomas Sabo was busy expanding its Canadian operations. Now, the Germany-based jewellery and watch brand confirmed on Monday it is shuttering all stores in the country.

Is Thomas Sabo a luxury brand?

From a vision to a global concern With more than 1,200 employees (status: 2021), own points-of-sale and a sales and distribution operation that includes 70 countries (status: 2021), the THOMAS SABO Group is today one of the leading premium-sector jewellery and watch suppliers.

Is Thomas Sabo real silver?

All THOMAS SABO silver pieces are crafted using 925 sterling silver and gold pieces are plated using 18 carat yellow or rose gold.

Is Thomas Sabo German?

Thomas Sabo GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of jewellery and watches. It was founded in 1984 in Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany by Thomas Sabo. The company engages in designing, manufacturing, and distributing jewellery and watches.

How many Thomas Sabo stores are there in the UK?

22 stores
Thomas Sabo has 22 stores in the UK and three concessions in John Lewis.

How do you clean Thomas Sabo?

To clean our items of jewellery (also two-tone items of jewellery), you can use standard commercial silver dipping baths or silver cleaning cloths. No silver cutlery dipping baths and no gold jewellery dipping baths must be used. Immerse the jewellery for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Are THOMAS SABO charms hallmarked?

Our own hallmarks guarantee the purity of the materials we use and are engraved in each and every THOMAS SABO design. Because we want our name to always stand for contemporary jewellery and watches of the very best quality.

How many THOMAS SABO stores are there?

We operate more than 190 exclusive THOMAS SABO Retail sales spaces throughout the world (status: 2021).

How can you tell a fake THOMAS SABO?

If you ever aren’t sure that a website you’re looking at is selling genuine Thomas Sabo products, the absolute safest thing to do is ask Thomas Sabo themselves, using the contact pages on their official website:

Can you wear THOMAS SABO in the shower?

If possible, rings and other pieces of jewellery should not be worn while carrying out home and garden work, exercising or bathing (salt or chlorine water). Jewellery should be removed before going to bed or taking a shower. Perfume or hairspray can cause the jewellery to become dull and decrease its shine.

Is THOMAS SABO well known?

1984 – THOMAS SABO is founded by Thomas Sabo. 1990 – By the end of the 1980s, THOMAS SABO has developed into one of the most successful brands for innovative silver jewellery in the German-speaking world. THOMAS SABO is now renowned for its Sterling Silver Collection.

Is THOMAS SABO a person?

Thomas Sabo is the founder, Managing Director and Chairman of THOMAS SABO and has a very clear vision. With his impressive dynamism and innovativeness, he is the driving force behind the company.

What is Thomas Sabo jewellery?

For the first time the company is presenting with THOMAS SABO Fine Jewellery a genuine jewellery collection. It is made in masterly fashion from the most precious metals such as 18k gold, rose gold or 925 Sterling silver plus sparkling diamonds and brightly coloured precious stones.

What does Thomas Sabo stand for?

THOMAS SABO. Since 1984 the name THOMAS SABO has stood for versatile, innovative and trendsetting jewellery and watch designs of the highest quality and for high-end beauty products. The unmistakable Sterling Silver collection, the Charm Club and the exclusive Fine Jewellery collection give the brand its face.

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