Is the Balrog stronger than Smaug?

Is the Balrog stronger than Smaug?

Balrogs are beings of a higher order, Maiar. They are basically fallen angels. Some theorize that the original dragon might have been one too but no one is sure. But a Balrog should be able to beat most dragons , Smaug included.

Are Balrogs stronger than dragons?

Both extremely powerful, Balrogs are, still, significantly stronger than dragons due to their divine nature, a wider array of powers and abilities, as well as the fact that dragons have an obvious weak spot (their underbelly), which the Balrogs don’t have. The same is when comparing Durin’s Bane and Smaug.

Is Smaug more powerful than Sauron?

Prime Sauron just rolls over Smaug with ease. Sauron, by a landslide. Sauron is a Maia, an angelic being with great power. If we’re talking about Sauron at the height of his power, back in the 1st/2nd age, Smaug would never stand a chance.

Did Smaug serve Morgoth?

Highly unlikely. In talking with Bilbo, Smaug says that when he conquered Erebor and drove the Dwarfs out (seizing, he claims, the title of King Under the Mountain), he “was but young. Now I am old and strong, strong!” Yet the time elapsed there is a small fraction of the time since Morgoth’s overthrow.

Can a Balrog defeat a dragon?

Dragons kill by fire and Balrog is living fire and ash. A Dragon can flee a Balrog readily but eventually the Balrog will whip the Dragon (literally).

Who can defeat a Balrog?

A nuke might substantially empower a balrog. Missiles are explosive, meaning just more fire, not more damage to a balrog. Tank guns would probably do the trick, but not just one or two tanks. The balrog could easily kill a couple tanks before they do enough damage.

Can Morgoth return?

Morgoth remains in the Void, watched by Eärendil and unable to return to Arda as long as the Valar maintain their power over it. However, the lies he put in the hearts of the Children of Ilúvatar still remain and will create their evil results till the end of days.

Why is the Balrog called Durin’s Bane?

In TA 1980, a Balrog awoke in Khazad-dûm when the Dwarves had mined too deep for mithril. It drove the Dwarves out of their home and slew King Durin VI, and the Balrog was thereafter called “Durin’s Bane”.

Is Morgoth the most powerful?

Morgoth is the greatest power in Eä, the universe, except for his own creator. He was one of the intelligences that created our universe, and he was the most powerful of the lot.

Can Morgoth create life?

No. Creating life was the exclusive province of Eru. Anyone else who tried would just create puppets, as Aule found out when he made the first Dwarves. Melkor was so debased, he could not even procreate, which is why Orcs were called Servants of Morgoth, rather than Children of Morgoth.

Is Smaug’s eye Sauron?

Sauron’s eye is like it was described in the book. Smaug’s eye is what you would expect of a dragon, a huge reptile eye. They’re both the most common depiction of an “evil eye” in popular culture.

Did Smaug know Sauron?

Smaug would have known nothing about Sauron’s Ruling Ring. Because if Smaug knew, the same information would have inevitably been discovered by Sauron’s vast network of spies throughout Middle-earth. And fortunately it wasn’t. Smaug would also have been ignorant of the existence of Sauron.