Is Jesse Lacey still married?

Is Jesse Lacey still married?

Lacey is married to Andrea King. They have one child, Bowie Charles Lacey.

Why did Jesse Lacey get Cancelled?

Updated 8:41 a.m., Tue., Nov. 14. The band Brand New is postponing its comeback tour of the U.K. following accusations of sexual misconduct against its singer, Jesse Lacey, made public last week on social media.

How old is Jesse Lacey?

43 years (July 10, 1978)
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What did Jesse Lacey?

Brand New singer Jesse Lacey apologized for past sexual misconduct after allegations against the singer – including accusations of actions that occurred when the victims were underage teens – surfaced.

How long was Jesse Lacey in Taking Back Sunday?


Name Years active Release contributions
Jesse Lacey 1999–2000 Taking Back Sunday EP (2000)
Steven DeJoseph 1999–2001
Antonio Longo Taking Back Sunday EP (2000) and Lullaby EP (2001)
Fred Mascherino 2003–2007 all Taking Back Sunday releases from Where You Want to Be (2004) to Louder Now: PartTwo (2007)

Why is the band Brand New Cancelled?

Long-running Long Island band Brand New have canceled their European tour after singer Jesse Lacey apologized for sexual misconduct with underage fans. The shows included dates in the U.K. and Ireland.

Did the band Brand New break up?

Brand New performing live at The Flex in Vienna on January 29, 2007. Long Island, New York, U.S. Brand New was an American rock band from Long Island, New York. They eventually split off from the other members of the group, and in 2000 formed Brand New in Merrick, New York.

Where is Jesse Lacey from?

Levittown, NY
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Why is sorority noise Cancelled?

In April 2018, Sorority Noise canceled a tour after a sexual assault allegation was made against frontman Cameron Boucher.

Who founded Taking Back Sunday?

The group was originally formed by Antonio Longo, John Nolan, Eddie Reyes, Jesse Lacey, and Steven DeJoseph. The band has gone through multiple line-up changes in their career spanning seven studio albums.

How old is Adam from Taking Back Sunday?

40 years (September 22, 1981)
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Why did Brand New and Taking Back Sunday fight?

In the early 2000s, every emo kid was either Team Brand New or Team Taking Back Sunday. The Long Island-based bands had been in a long-standing, well-publicized feud after the girlfriend of Brand New’s lead singer Jesse Lacey reportedly cheated on him with TBS’s John Nolan.

How old is Jesse Lacey from brand new?

Music Traitors Jesse Thomas Lacey (born July 10, 1978, Nassau County, New York) is an American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer who is best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the American alternative rock band Brand New.

Why has brand new not released anything since Jesse Lacey was fired?

The band haven’t released anything since sexual misconduct allegations were made against frontman Jesse Lacey in November 2017. Brand New dropped a full-length, Science Fiction, in August 2017, marking their last official release.

Who is David Lacey’s wife Andrea King?

Lacey is married to Andrea King. They have one child, Bowie Charles Lacey. In late 2017, Lacey was accused of sexual misconduct by two women, who alleged the events occurred 15 years prior while they were underage and Lacey was in his early 20s.

Did brand new’s Jesse Lacey share cover song featuring his wife?

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