How do you write a current event?

How do you write a current event?

Below are steps to help you create a current events essay:

  1. Choose a reputable news source. Look for a source that offers well-written and well-researched news.
  2. Prepare to write the summary by reading the entire article.
  3. Write a summary.
  4. Outline your thoughts about the article.
  5. Finalize your summary.

What are some thesis topics?

You’ll most likely be writing a lot of research papers while in college, so it is important to master the skill of finding the right research paper topics….Psychology Research Paper Topics:

  • Child abuse.
  • Criminal psychology.
  • Depression.
  • Dreams.
  • Intelligence tests.
  • Learning disabilities.
  • Memory.
  • Physical attraction.

What is another word for current events?

•current affairs (noun) happenings, current events, hard news.

What I can do for world?

10 things you can do to help save our planet

  • Use your voice. We are the first generation to know we’re destroying the world, and we could be the last that can do anything about it.
  • Be Informed.
  • Be political.
  • Travel responsibly.
  • Eat sustainably.
  • Reduce your waste.
  • Watch what you buy.
  • Find ways to donate.

What are the good things that you do?

22 positive, practical things you can do to feel better about yourself and the world

  • Before you get into an online war of words, take a breath.
  • Get offline.
  • Commute kindly.
  • Take a CPR/First Aid course.
  • Tell your spouse, your bae, your buddy you love them.
  • Reach out.
  • Give time.
  • Give money.

What are some things happening in the world right now?

10 good things that are happening in the world right now

  • Pollution is dropping.
  • Not all heroes wear capes.
  • Burgers for all.
  • Koalas are being released back into the wild.
  • An army of volunteers has been assembled.
  • Coaching ambulance drivers.
  • Getting that bread.
  • Are you still watching this?

How do you be good at people?

15 Ways to Become a Better Person

  1. Compliment Yourself. Every morning before you go on with your daily routine, take a couple of minutes to give yourself a compliment.
  2. Don’t Make Excuses.
  3. Let Go of Anger.
  4. Practice Forgiveness.
  5. Be Honest and Direct.
  6. Be Helpful.
  7. Listen to Others.
  8. Act Locally.

What was the worst thing in 2019?

Top 10 worst things to happen in 2019:

  • Constant rain all summer.
  • Another election.
  • The pound becoming even weaker in relation to foreign currencies.
  • Trump’s visit to the UK.
  • Flights being grounded at Heathrow because of drone protests.
  • England losing the Rugby World Cup final.
  • Quality Street tubs shrinking again.