How do you make a header for only one page?

How do you make a header for only one page?

Go to Insert > Header & Footer. On the right side of the white area at the top of the document, select Options > Different First Page. Content of the header or footer on the first page is removed. Type your content into the header or footer on the first page.

How do you split footnotes in Word?

Changing the Way Footnotes Are NumberedSelect Footnote from the Insert menu. Make sure the Footnote radio button is selected in the Insert area of the dialog box.Click on Options. Change the Start At value to reflect where you want Word to start numbering.Change the Numbering area to reflect how you want Word to count your footnotes.

How do I insert footnotes in Word?

How to Insert Footnotes in Word 2016 for WindowsClick the References tab.3.In the Footnotes group, choose Insert Footnote. Type the footnote and add any formatting.To return to where you were in the document, press the keyboard shortcut Shift+5.

How do you combine two quotes?

Quotes in quotes: For quotes within quotes, use single quote marks, both opening and closing, for the internal quote. If both quotes end together, you would end with a single quote mark and double quotes marks. Example: He said, “The surgeon called it ‘just a simple technique.

How do you cite multiple pages in one sentence APA?

If you are only citing information from a single page, you just need to put the “p.” before the page number. If there are multiple consecutive pages, write “pp.” before the number instead of “p.” Separate the page numbers with a hyphen. A single page number citation might look like (Smith, 2010, p.