How do you find relevant data?

How do you find relevant data?

1 Library Databases. Your school or public library is the first place to look for data sources. 2 Publicly Available. In many cases, you can find journal articles or abstracts online for free. 3 Government Sources. Many government databases make their data and research available to the public. 4 Identifying Data Websites.

How do I download a research paper?

Go to: (which is the official URL of the site at the moment).Type your keywords into the search field.Click the “Search!” button.Click on the name of the book or research paper you’re looking for.Click on any of the available mirrors.Download the book or research paper to your device.

How do I download a DOI from a research paper?

You can go to Google Scholar and use the doi to search for the paper. if you have access to the paper , then you can download it….Open use this site & Insert the DOI number and click open.Type the captcha shown above and click enter.Click on save shown at the left to download the paper.