How do you cite a parliamentary briefing paper?

How do you cite a parliamentary briefing paper?

To be made up of:Parliament. House of …Year of publication (in round brackets).Title (in italics).Paper number (in round brackets). Place of publication: publisher.

How do you cite a parliamentary paper in APA?

House of Commons/Lords papersTo be made up of: House of… Year of publication. Title (in italics) Paper number. Publication details.In-text citation: Parliamentary reports for the year included renewable energy (House of Lords, 2004).Reference list: House of Lords. (2004). Electricity from renewables: the first report. (HL 2003-2004 (19)).

How do you reference a law essay?

Citing cases Give the full citation of the case in the body of the essay. Full citation is both of the primary parties’ names, (in italics or underlined), year, the case reports’ volume number, the abbreviated name of the report series and finally the page number.

How many references do you need for a law essay?

Your conclusion should account for around 15% of your essay. You may wish to use 1-3 references to lend authority to your concluding statements.