How do I reset my Emerson thermostat 1f80 0471?

How do I reset my Emerson thermostat 1f80 0471?

Press and hold the up or down arrow and the time button at the same time. Hold the buttons down for 10 seconds. The display will go blank and reappear after a few seconds. The thermostat is now reset.

What is SS and HP on thermostat?

SS/HP Switch (Conventional or Heat Pump Selection) The SS/HP switch is factory set to the SS position. In this posi- tion, thermostat is configured as conventional single stage. If you have a single stage heat pump system, switch SS/HP to HP position (see figure 2).

How do you reset a non programmable White Rodgers thermostat?

Generally, you’ll need to open the thermostat cover and detach the wires from terminals R and C. Next, remove the batteries for a couple minutes and then replace them. Program your thermostat to the ambient temperature. If you hear one click, your thermostat has been reset.

How do I turn off the schedule on my Emerson thermostat?

Use▲and ▼buttons to navigate to Settings. Press Menu to Enter. Use Next and Back to navigate to the screen that has “06” displayed in the top right corner. Use ▲and ▼buttons to select between 1 to 12, or set it to OFF to turn off reminder.

What is W on a thermostat?

W – This is the thermostat terminal for heating. This wire should go directly to the heating source whether it be a gas or oil furnace, electric furnace, or boiler. White for W Terminal. W2 – This is the thermostat terminal used for second stage heat.

What is Rh and RC on thermostat?

RC: The RC terminal is the 24-volt cooling power supply. RH: The RH terminal is the 24-volt heating power supply. (Note: The RC and RH terminals are jumpered together in a four-wire heat/cool system and a single-stage heat pump system, but not in a five-wire heating/cooling system.)

How do you reprogram a White-Rodgers thermostat?

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “TIME” button.
  2. Now, use the Up and Down arrows to set the proper hour.
  3. Press “TIME” again to set the hour and move onto setting the minutes.
  4. Use the arrow keys again to set the correct minute. Press “TIME” to confirm the changes.
  5. Press “RUN” to confirm the time setup.

How do I troubleshoot my White-Rodgers thermostat?

White Rodgers Thermostat Not Working: How to Fix in seconds [2022]

  1. Check the Power Supply.
  2. Check for A Blown Fuse.
  3. Test the Heating Function.
  4. Test the Cooling Function.
  5. Check the Thermostat’s Wiring.
  6. Check the Furnace Filter.
  7. Check the Coolant Pipes.
  8. Check the Compressor.