How do I put a picture on Microsoft Word?

How do I put a picture on Microsoft Word?

Insert a picture in Word or PowerPoint Click the location in your document where you want to insert a picture. On the Home tab, under Insert, click Picture, and then click Photo Browser or Picture from File.

How do I write next to a picture in Word?

Right click the picture and then do one or both of two things:Click ‘Insert caption’ to add a caption under the picture that will move with the picture if you reposition it.Click ‘Wrap text’ and then click how you want text to flow around, behind, or in front of the picture. Then just type your text.

What is picture format in Word?

Microsoft Word gives you many options when formatting a document that includes images. Once you have your picture on the document (Ctrl+V to paste it in), you can click and drag it around to the desired location. …

How do I put text next to a picture in Word 2010?

You can draw a text box to the left or right of the picture, insert text, and then remove the textbox border if needed. Set Wrap style for both picture and textbox to “tight” and you can position them anywhere in the document.