How do I check my Telkom ADSL line speed?

How do I check my Telkom ADSL line speed?

First step would be to try the Telkom ADSL line speed checker tool: Telkom Checker Tool. Use the Telkom ADSL line speed checker to see what speeds you can get and what is available in your area.

How fast is ADSL 2?

24 Mbps
ADSL2 can achieve downstream data rates of up to 12 Mbps speeds at its source while ADSL2 can achieve up to 24 Mbps. ADSL2/2+ are best suited for longer loop lengths. ADSL2 can reach distances of up to 5,000 meters while ADSL2+ can achieve up to approximately 6,000 meters.

How do I check my ADSL?

ADSL, WiMAX, and FTTH Data query by SMS

  1. To know the ADSL volume and expiry, people need to send a message of the format “VL*NTADSL014222222” to 1415.
  2. You can check the balance in the Ntc ADSL by sending a message like BL*NTADSL0142222222 to 1415.

What is speedofme internet speed test?

SpeedOf.Me is an HTML5 Internet speed test. No Flash or Java needed! It is the smartest and most accurate online bandwidth test. It works well on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and other mobile devices, as well as desktop computers. Stop all internet activities.

How do I test my internet speed?

Internet speed tests, like this one or the test found at, measure the latter, or the speed reaching the device running the test. These test results are often lower than your plan speed due to various factors outside your Internet provider’s control, including WiFi conditions and device capabilities.

Which is the best free HTML5 Internet speed test?

SpeedOf.Me, HTML5 Internet speed test. SpeedOf.Me is a broadband speed test that allows you to easily measure your actual Internet speed. on all your devices like desktop, mobile, tablet, game console, smart TV, car, etc.

What is Ookla Speedtest®?

All trademarks of Ookla, LLC, including Speedtest®, are used under license. Why Does Internet Speed Matter? Megabits and gigabits per second show how fast you can stream movies or upload and download files. The maximum amount of data your computer can receive from the Internet in a second.

How do I check my Telkom LTE speed?

To check your speed, go to

Why is my Telkom ADSL so slow?

Telkom’s advice to address slow connectivity, a problem which has been widely reported by users, is as follows: Check with your ISP if you have reached your Internet cap, and top up if that is the case. Try deleting your temporary Internet files. Restart your modem and wait for 3 minutes.

Why is my ADSL not working?

If the ADSL light does not turn on, this means that the modemcannot establish a connection with your ISP. There are severalsteps you can take to try and resolve this problem: Verify the ADSL cable is securely inserted into both themodem/router’s ADSL port and the microfilter.

How do I check my Telkom line?

Check Your Telkom Number via USSD code – *1# To view your Telkom number just dial *1# on your Telkom number and press send.

How can I make my Telkom router faster?

Get Better Telkom LTE Speeds

  1. The Paddle-Antenna Configuration.
  2. Change the Profile/APN settings.
  3. Captain Obvious Says: “Move the router around”
  4. Get the damn antenna up already.

How can I increase my ADSL speed?

Here are some more than achievable tips you can do that will help improve and isolate overall internet ADSL performance speed issues within your home.

  1. Hardwire yourself to your ADSL2+ modem router.
  2. Perform a Speed Test Using Online Speed Test Websites.
  3. Check Modem Connections & Phone Socket Wiring.

What speed is Telkom DSL fast?

40 Mbps
40 Mbps The fastest DSL internet connection available in South Africa.

What is Telkom?

What is Telkom? Telkom SA SOC Limited is a semi-privatized and leading South African wireless and wireline telecommunications provider. They are operating in more than 38 countries across the African continent.

How can I test my internet speed in South Africa?

Internet speed test for South Africa. Use Telkom speed test or one of the speed test websites like NetFlix (, MyBroadband or MWeb. Test your broadband internet speed below. WiFi Speed Tests. Try testing directly from your fibre router or modem when doing these speed tests to get a more accurate result.

How can I test the local bandwidth speed of my connection?

To test the local bandwidth speed of your connection you can make use of the MyBroadband Speed Test, Telkom Speed Test (SAIX), or the MWeb Speed Test.