How can I get specific mobile number?

How can I get specific mobile number?

You can get a specific phone number by requesting it from your service provider. You can also sign up for an online phone service plan that offers vanity numbers. There are also apps that let users select their own phone numbers.

What is a golden phone number?

A gold number sim card is simply a sim card with a UK mobile phone number that’s easy to remember, or one that may be significant to you. A number containing 999 would make a good emergency callout number for a doctor, plumber or electrician.

How can I get Singapore golden number?

How To Purchase

  1. We have multiples Shop displaying golden number for sale.
  2. Select your preferred number and checkout.
  3. You can make a non-refundable deposit of $20 or make a full payment.
  4. Bring along your NRIC or Passport and proceed to the Shop for SIM Registration.

How do I call Singtel?

  1. Billing. Payment Status and Outstanding Amount. Open. Tel: 1800 738 3330 (24-hrs automated helpline, local calls only) Other Billing Enquiries.
  2. Singtel Office. Headquarters Main Line. Open. Tel: +65 6838 3388.
  3. Media Contacts. In Singapore. Open. Email: [email protected].

How can I get Singapore phone number?

How To Get A Singapore Phone Number?

  1. Sign up for an account with CallHippo.
  2. Select Singapore as your preferred country.
  3. Select a state/city.
  4. Choose the package of your choice and make a purchase.
  5. And you are ready to enjoy CallHippo’s services relating to calling in Singapore!

Can I pick my phone number?

Most US carriers will not let you choose your number any more. You would need to buy a number from a number broker or from another service and port your number in. You might try Google Voice or Yahoo Voice first.

What is the rarest phone number?

The number, 666 6666, sold for 10m Qatari riyals or £1.5m,” says The Register. “The previous record holder was Chinese number 8888 8888, which sold for £270,000. The Cantonese word for eight sounds very similar to the word for rich. It was bought by Sichuan Airlines.”

Can you buy a mobile number?

Welcome to Buynumbers! We provide UK memorable mobile numbers that can be used in any UK network. They can be transferred to either monthly contracts or Pay As You Go (Prepaid) Sim cards.

How do you call a 019 IDD?

To use this service, simply dial 019 on your mobile phone. If you have queries about Singtel’s v019 service, please call 104.

How do I speak to a Singtel officer?

Customers with outstanding or new queries can dial 1688 to book a time for a Singtel customer care agent to contact them. Previous experience: Customers have to wait on the phone to speak to a customer care agent.

Can I buy a phone number online?

You no longer have to set up a physical office in the United States or commute anywhere. Instead, you can work from home and purchase a US virtual phone number to handle all of your incoming calls. Get started with a local presence anywhere in the US by using CallScaler’s USA-based call tracking services.

Can I get a Singapore phone number online?

Singapore’s Most Reliable Virtual Business Phone Number Provider. Companies can set up toll free, national or local Singapore business numbers in minutes. Every Singapore virtual number from AVOXI includes 20+ VoIP business features at no extra cost, all managed from an easy online interface.

How do I contact Singtel customer service?

Chat with us: Call from Singapore: 1688. Call from overseas: +65 6235 1688. Call centre operating hours. For general enquires: 8:30am – 8:30pm daily (Including Public Holidays) For technical assistance: 24/7 daily (Including Public Holidays) Prepaid Card and Hi!Card.

How do I transfer ownership of my Singtel account?

For postpaid mobile plans, visit My Account and select ‘Transfer Ownership’. The other party must have an OnePass account to make the transfer. For all other services, visit any Singtel Shop to make the transfer. Both parties must be present with personal identification documents. 5. How do I change my Home Line to a Home Digital Line?

How long does it take to activate a special number?

With an existing Home Line / Home Digital Line service, you can select a date to activate the newly purchased Special Number within 14 days of purchase. If you do not have an existing line with us, you may call 1609 or visit any Singtel Shop to sign up. 5. Can I keep my Special Number for life after the one-time payment?

How to get iPhone 13 for $500 off with Singtel?

Get the latest iPhone 13 lineup from Singtel & enjoy up to $500 OFF when you upgrade to XO Plus 88 plan & sign up for selected VASes. Plus, get extra $30 OFF when you shop online with us.