Can I download WhatsApp on BlackBerry?

Can I download WhatsApp on BlackBerry?

You can now set up WhatsApp on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone following the app’s onscreen instructions. Because this is the Android version of WhatsApp, you’ll be able to continue to use it once WhatsApp drops support for the BlackBerry version at the end of June 2017. Happy messaging.

Does BlackBerry Q10 support WhatsApp?

The answer is Yes! They can still use the WhatsApp on their BlackBerry Z10, Z3, Z30, Q5 and Q10, but now the question is How? Since the WhatsApp is going to discontinue the support to BlackBerry OS10 series devices.

Does BlackBerry Classic have WhatsApp?

You can’t. Support for all BlackBerry devices ended in Dec 2017. Both BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10.

What is WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry?

WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry. WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry is a smartphone messenger that works between users of different phone systems and international carriers. With a simple-to-use interface, you can also create a group chat with several contacts. If you are offline, the application records your messages,…

What are the features of WhatsApp for BlackBerry?

Whatsapp offers following features for Blackberry Users: Whatsapp is available free of cost. Blackberry users can send and receive text messages. BB users can send audio and video messages. Like any other Whatsapp user, BB users can also communicate with contacts stored on their phone using this app.

Can I download WhatsApp on my BlackBerry?

Though a large proportion of smartphone users use devices that run on either Android operating system or iOS, yet there are some people who still use Blackberry devices and these people want to download the latest version of Whatsappfor BlackBerry phones.

How to download WhatsApp on BBBB?

BB users can download Whatsapp through the Whatsapp official website The other option is to visit the official website of Whatsapp – Whatsapp Inc. and download the app from Blackberry terminal. It is easy but a little expensive.