Why is Elfen Lied banned?

Why is Elfen Lied banned?

According to Anime News Network, these anime were “banned specifically because the websites did not adhere to age restrictions for the titles.” It’s also been reported that Aki Sora is being investigated for a possible ban because it might break Russian law.

Is Elfen Lied anime complete?

Elfen Lied (Japanese: エルフェンリート, Hepburn: Erufen Rīto) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. The anime finished airing before the manga was complete; as a result, the plot differed between the two, especially the ending. The manga is licensed in North America by Dark Horse Comics.

Where was Elfen Lied made?

Written by Lynn Okamoto, Elfen Lied premiered in Japan in Weekly Young Jump magazine in June 2002. New chapters continued to appear in the magazine until August 2005, when the final chapter appeared.

What is the plot of Elfen Lied?

Elfen Lied is a short anime series about a race of mutants, called Diclonii. Diclonii, as a species, are highly motivated to kill human beings and destroy all of mankind in order to create a new world for their own species.

Is Lucy death Elfen Lied?

Kaede/Lucy has died. Atop the tower, Kouta was forced to kill her to save everybody from death. As the bullet was shot, Lucy finally died. However, in the final few pages of the manga, we see Kouta at the festival with Yuka (who is now his wife).

Is Elfen Lied a romance?

8 Elfen Lied (2004) Has Romance But Surrounds Itself With Dark Topics Regarding Bullying And Child Experimentation. Despite Elfen Lied being a horror anime that’ll chill everyone to the bone, the relationship between Lucy and Kouta will have many shedding tears for them.

How old is Lucy Elfen Lied?

She is assumed to be fifteen but never explicitly stated (eighteen in the anime). Lucy has vectors with a limited range of about two meters (6.56168 ft). However, she can be swift and lethal within that range, and will use any nearby objects as high-velocity projectiles to kill at greater distances.

Are Kouta and Yuka cousins?

Yuka is a young woman who serves as the “mother” figure of those living in the Maple House in Kamakura. She is the cousin of Kouta and his sister Kanae, and the niece (either by marriage or blood) of their father.

Are Kouta and Yuka related?

Are Kouta and Yuka blood related?

Who dies in Elfen Lied?


  • Groups of police officers – Dismembered/pen stabbed/heart pulled out by Lucy’s vectors.
  • Kisaragi – Decapitated by Lucy.
  • Unnamed soldier – Arm cut off/big hole through chest/decapitated by Lucy.
  • Professor Kakuzawa – Decapitated by Lucy.
  • Unnamed person – Killed by Lucy.
  • Lucy’s dog – Head smashed with a vase by Tomoo.

Is Yuka in love with Kouta?

Six months after the death of Mariko, Nana notes that Yuka is evident in her love for Kouta and that she is still thrown off by his lack of memories concerning her, though she is handling it better than in times past.

What episode does the Elfen Lied anime end?

The Elfen Lied anime series ran for a course of 13 episodes, also featuring one OVA taking place between Episodes 10 and 11. The anime began before the manga ‘s completion; therefore the story line departed from the manga canon in Episode 13 . Like many anime series, it makes extensive use of music to set its tone.

Is Elfen Lied a cartoon?

Several reviewers have expressed utter shock regarding Elfen Lied and I can only believe that they assumed that anime = cartoon. You can’t be further from the truth, particularly with Elfen Lied. There are several mutilations, gallons of blood, multiple eviscerations, countless beheadings and lots and lots of gun-play.

Do American fans know Elfen Lied through the anime?

Many American fans know Elfen Lied primarily or exclusively through the anime since the manga has not yet been released in the United States. Plans to resolve the series seem not to have been successful.

What is the 2nd Elfen Lied?

2. Elfen Lied – 02 – Annihilation The offshore facility sends a special task force, headed by the ruthless, cold-hearted assassin Bando, to hunt down Lucy at a beach in Kamakura. 3. Elfen Lied – 03 – Deep Feelings