Why did Toyota pay $1 billion to avoid prosecution in 2014?

Why did Toyota pay $1 billion to avoid prosecution in 2014?

In 2014, the company paid $1.2 billion to avoid prosecution for covering up information about problems with “unintended acceleration” that the FBI said Toyota “knew was deadly.” What happens when hysteria overtakes common sense?

What did Toyota’s expert say in the Bookout trial?

• Toyota’s expert in Bookout trial offered two basic opinions “ o•N realistic” ETCS fault that explains/caused Bookout mishap • Any “realistic” failure will be caught and mitigated by failsafes [Bookout 2013-10-22PM 47:3-48:1]

Is failsafe part of Toyota engineering division DNA?

• 2007 e-mail internal Toyota e-mail says: • “In truth technology such as failsafe is not part of the Toyota’s engineering division’s DNA.” … … “Continuing on as is would not be a good thing.” [Bookout 2013-10-14 PM 96:20-97:3] 46 © Copyright 2014, Philip Koopman. CC Attribution 4.0 International license. Other Issues

What is Toyota’s UA investigation philosophy?

• Example of Toyota’s UA investigation philosophy: •“In the Toyota system, we have the failsafe, so a software abnormality would not be involved with any kind of UA claim.” (Employee tasked with examining vehicles with reported UA problems)

What happened to the Toyota accelerator pedal?

And why it matters for understanding our rocky relationship with today’s autonomous vehicles. In 2009, Toyota accelerator pedals began mysteriously getting stuck, at times trapping panicked drivers in out-of-control cars that tragically crashed. But was the problem really the car?

How many people have died in Toyotas that have been accelerated?

Over the next five years, an estimated 90 people died in Toyotas that mysteriously accelerated. Toyota recalled millions of vehicles but was accused of concealing information about the flawed pedals.