Which school is famous in Madurai?

Which school is famous in Madurai?

Lakshmi Vidya Sangham School – Topmost Best Schools in Madurai. Lakshmi Vidya Sangham which is also shortly known as the LVS was first established under the primary school category in the year of 1961 by the T V Sundaram Iyengar. Later in the year 1963, it got upgraded to the Higher Secondary School.

How many schools are in Madurai?

There are a total of 369 primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in the city.

How many private schools are there in Madurai?

Search Private Schools – (16) Schools Found

School Name Type District
Ananth Nursery And Primary PRIVATE MADURAI
Angu Middle School PRIVATE MADURAI
Arul Malar Matriculation Higher Secondary School PRIVATE MADURAI
Gokula Vidyalaya PRIVATE MADURAI

How many Matric schools are there in Tamilnadu?

Tamil Nadu has 37 universities, 552 (in 2014) engineering colleges. and 1150 arts college, 2550 schools and 5000 hospitals.

When was education declared a fundamental right?

1 April 2010
India became one of 135 countries to make education a fundamental right of every child when the Act came into force on 1 April 2010. The Act makes education a fundamental right of every child between the ages of 6 and 14 and specifies minimum norms in elementary schools.

Which district has many schools in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu is a big state of India. Tamil Nadu have 30 districts in its state. All the Pvt….List of 30 Districts in Tamil Nadu.

Sr. No. List of the districts in Tamil Nadu
19 Schools in THANJAVUR
20 Schools in THE NILGIRIS
21 Schools in THENI
22 Schools in THIRUVALLUR

How many school districts are there in Tamil Nadu?

52 education districts
Official postings demarcated in 52 education districts in Tamil Nadu.

What is a syllabus?

A syllabus is a document that outlines everything that will be covered in a class. The noun syllabus comes from the Late Latin word syllabus, meaning “list.” When you teach a class you may be required to make an outline of what you will expect the students to do in your class.

Who is eligible for right to education?

Under the Right to education act students of age, 6 to 14 years will get free education. All those children who belong to economically weaker sections of society and disadvantaged groups will get admissions in school through the right to education act.

Which district is best in education in Tamil Nadu?

High Literacy

# District Literacy
1 Kanniyakumari 91.75 %
2 Chennai 90.18 %
3 Thoothukkudi 86.16 %
4 The Nilgiris 85.20 %

Is matriculation and state board same?

Just like with State Boards, every state has a Matriculation Board for their syllabus. The standard of education in the matriculation system is higher than the State Board, but lower than CBSE and ICSE. However, most people would agree that the standard of education is better than that of State Board. …

What is the education board for matriculation in Tamil Nadu?

The Directorate of Matriculation Schools, Tamil Nadu is an accreditation and governing body for secondary schools in Tamil Nadu, India.