Where is West Side Story being filmed?

Where is West Side Story being filmed?

Filming. Filming took place in Harlem and other Manhattan locations and in Flatlands, Brooklyn in New York City in July 2019. There were ten days of shooting in Paterson, New Jersey, where an outdoor set was built, in August 2019. Filming also took place in Newark and other parts of Essex County, New Jersey.

What neighborhood is West Side Story set?

The new film sets the action in San Juan Hill, the slum in the West 60s cleared by Robert Moses to build Lincoln Center, and it portrays the neighborhood as a battleground between whites and Puerto Ricans.

What ethnicity is Tony in West Side Story?

The story, for the most part, would remain the same: It would tell the tale of star-crossed lovers—Tony, a Polish-Irish boy, and Maria, a Puerto Rican girl—who meet a tragic end, but now the lovers would be caught up in a world of street violence.

Is West Side Story set in Hell’s Kitchen?

Under the direction of Dana Tarantino, the students have collaborated on every level of the production being presented at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater, located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan where West Side Story takes place.

Where did Steven Spielberg film West Side Story?

Steven Spielberg’s long-awaited musical adaptation of West Side Story, an epic retelling of Romeo and Juliet that takes place in Manhattan’s San Juan Hill and Lincoln Square, was actually filmed all over NYC, from Brooklyn to Queens and up to Hamilton Heights and Harlem.

How much did it cost to make West Side Story 2021?

100 million USD
West Side Story/Budget

Are the Jets in West Side Story Irish?

The story takes place in 1950s Upper West Side and follows the rivalry between two gangs, the Sharks, mostly made up of Puerto Ricans, and the Jets, who are mostly New Yorkers of Polish and Irish descent, and a romance between former Jets member Tony and Maria, sister of the Sharks leader.

Who kills Riff in West Side Story?

In the midst of the fight, Bernardo kills Riff. Before the stunned members of both gangs can react, Tony, enraged at the murder of his best friend, picks up Riff’s blade and stabs Bernardo, killing him instantly.

How long is West Side Story 2021?

2h 36m
West Side Story/Running time

Why did Spielberg make West Side Story?

As Yahoo reports, Spielberg’s fascination with West Side Story stems from his childhood. Read the director’s full explanation below: “I have been challenged by what would be the right musical to take on. I’ve been able to fulfill that dream and keep that promise that I made to myself: You must make West Side Story.

When was Spielberg West Side Story filmed?

West Side Story (1961 film)

West Side Story
Production companies Mirisch Pictures Seven Arts Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date October 18, 1961
Running time 152 minutes