When was first episode Little Britain?

When was first episode Little Britain?

February 9, 2003
Little Britain/First episode date

What was the first ever Family Guy episode?

January 31, 1999
Family Guy/First episode date

When did Family Guy start in UK?

When Family Guy was shown in the UK, and when the DVDs were subsequently released there on November 12, 2001, the first seven episodes of the second season were included with the first season, balancing them out with 14 episodes each.

What year is Family Guy set in?

Brian and Stewie explore a series of alternate universes. Brian and Stewie travel back in time to January 31, 1999 to change history, only to alter the past with dire consequences.

When was the first Little Britain special on TV?

The show debuted on HBO at 10:30 pm EST Sunday 28 September 2008, then the following week on BBC One in Britain. It also started airing on The Comedy Network in Canada in January 2010. This was the first Little Britain Comic Relief special, with the usual cast and guests appearances from George Michael, Elton John, and Robbie Williams .

Who are the actors in the Little Britain series?

Little Britain (TV Series 2003–2006) – IMDb Little Britain: With Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Tom Baker, Paul Putner. Matt Lucas and David Walliams, the creators of this character-comedy sketch show, delight in all that is mad, bad, quirky and generally bonkers about the people and places of Britain. Menu Movies

When did little Britain start and end?

Little Britain is a British sketch comedy series that began as a radio show in 2000 and ran as a television series between 2003 and 2007. It was written and performed by David Walliams and Matt Lucas.

Who is Daffyd on Little Britain and who plays him?

Along with Vicky Pollard, Lou Todd, Andy Pipkin, Emily Howard and Marjorie Dawes, Daffyd appeared in every season of the show, including its Christmas specials and the Little Britain USA spin-off. He was portrayed by Little Britain writer, comedian and actor, Matt Lucas.