What jazz artist recently died?

What jazz artist recently died?

James Mtume, a musician who recorded with jazz greats before leading the R&B group Mtume, has died. His son Faulu Mtume confirmed the news to Pitchfork. He was 75.

What musicians died 2010?


Name Age Cause of death
Ronnie James Dio Dio, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Elf 67 Stomach cancer
Hank Jones 91
Paul Gray Slipknot 38 Drug overdose
Ali-Ollie Woodson 58 Leukemia

Who played with Gil Scott Heron?

Brian Jackson

Gil Scott-Heron
Instruments Vocals, piano, Rhodes piano, guitar
Years active 1969–2011
Labels RCA Flying Dutchman Strata East Arista TVT XL JAD Records
Associated acts Brian Jackson Ron Holloway Malik & the O.G’s Musicians United for Safe Energy Artists United Against Apartheid Black and Blues

Which musician just died?


Name Age Cause of death
Lou “L.A.” Kouvaris Riot 66 COVID-19
Alan Merrill Arrows 69 COVID-19
Bill Withers 81 Heart complications
Cristina Singer with ZE Records 64 COVID-19

What jazz musicians died in 2021?

WHITEHEAD: In 2021, we lost too many jazz notables to tally – among saxophonists, Sonny Simmons, Jemeel Moondoc and Mark Whitecage; among bassists, George Mraz, Paul Jackson and Juini Booth; among bandleaders, Chris Barber, Jim Knapp and Greg Tate; plus a couple of trombonists who came up playing soulful hard bop in …

Did Chick Corea pass away?

February 9, 2021
Chick Corea/Date of death

Who did Chick Corea marry?

Gayle Moranm. 1972–2021
Chick Corea/Spouse

In 2006 Corea was named a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master, and over his career he picked up 23 Grammy awards, having been nominated 60 times. He is survived by his wife, Gayle Moran, his son Thaddeus and daughter Liana from a previous marriage, and by two grandchildren.

What happens when a great jazz musician dies?

The death of a jazz great can create a collective sense of loss and nostalgia, the feeling that an era has passed. This memorial site was created to honor and remember musicians, singers, composers and others who contributed to this vibrant form of expression that’s still evolving today.

Who are some famous musicians that died in the 2010s?

Music Stars We Lost in the 2010s. 1 Aretha Franklin, singer-songwriter, 76. (March 25, 1942 — Aug. 16, 2018) From child gospel singer in Detroit to the “Queen of Soul,” Franklin built a 2 David Cassidy, actor and singer, 67. 3 Della Reese, singer and actress, 86. 4 Tom Petty, musician, 66. 5 Glen Campbell, country singer, 81.

What happened to jazz musicians who died of tuberculosis?

He did so much to bring jazz to white audiences, but his death in his apartment in Queens, New York, was a horrible one: tormented by demons inspired by drink, Beiderbecke’s official case of death was given as lobar pneumonia. Another early jazz pioneer who succumbed to tuberculosis was the brilliant guitarist Charlie Christian.

How old was Robert Plant when he died?

(Sept. 16, 1925 — May 14, 2015) The poor boy who lived in a sharecropper’s shack grew up to become a legendary guitarist and the true king of American blues. “The Thrill Is Gone” (the title of his 1969 hit) was a note left on his website after he passed away; his countless fans agree.