What is the fastest walking 5k?

What is the fastest walking 5k?

5000 metres race walk

Athletics 5000 metres race walk
World records
Men Hatem Ghoula 18:05.49 (1997)
Women Eleonora Giorgi 20:01.80 (2014)

How many calories will a 10K walk burn?

Walking 10km will be 420 to 720 calories for most people. Walking 10km 5 days a week works out at 2,100 to 3,600 calories per week. So keeping your eating habits the same, you could expect to lose ⅔ of a pound (0.3 kg) to 1 pound (0.45 kg) of fat per week.

How fast do professional walkers walk?

Power walkers reach a maximum comfortable walking pace of about 5.7 mph. Race walking is done competitively, and national-class male race walkers cover a 20-kilometer — 12.5-mile — race in approximately one hour and 30-minutes.

What is the world record for walking?

World records and best performances, men’s race walking

Distance Record Name
1 mile 5:36.9 Algis Grigaliûnas (URS/LTU)
3000 m 10:47.11 Giovanni De Benedictis (ITA)
2 miles 11:47.02 Giovanni De Benedictis (ITA)
5000 m 18:05.49 Hatem Ghoula (TUN)

What is the world record for longest time for walking?

Vasco Núñez de Balboa – The first crossing Atlantic to Pacific across the Isthmus of Panama at Darien (1475–1517) (beheaded)

  • Francisco de Orellana – Pacific to Atlantic,over the Andes and rafting down the Amazon (1541)
  • Sir Alexander Mackenzie – across North America,Canada’s Atlantic territories to the Pacific side of British Columbia (1793)
  • What is the weirdest world record ever?

    The Guinness World Record for “Most spoons on a human body” belongs to Etibar Elchiyev. Here he is in Tbilisi, Georgia in December 2011 when he won the title with 50 metal spoons magnetized to his body. China’s Jin Songhao set the Guinness World Record for the longest time spent in direct full body contact with snow in January 2011.

    Who holds the world record for walking backwards?

    – Zion Clark has caudal regression syndrome, which meant he was born without legs. – He grew up in foster care and was bullied, beaten, and underfed, he told Insider. – Clark is now a successful wrestler and world record holding athlete.

    What is the fastest 100m time?

    The current fastest human in the world is Usain Bolt, who can run at nearly 28 miles per hour—some streets have lower speed limits than that! Bolt holds the record for the 100-meter sprint, clocking in at 9.58 seconds, reports BBC. Can humans run 100m under 9 seconds?