What is the aria Erbarme Dich Mein Gott all about?

What is the aria Erbarme Dich Mein Gott all about?

Matthew Passion: the alto aria, Erbarme dich, mein Gott (“Have mercy Lord, My God, for the sake of my tears”). In the drama, this aria reflects Peter’s solitary heartache in the garden after he denies knowing Jesus three times. It’s set in a lilting 12/8 time, suggesting the baroque dance rhythm of the siciliano.

When was Erbarme dich composed?

Written in 1727, the St.

Why did Bach write St Matthew’s Passion?

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his St. Matthew Passion for a single purpose — to present the Passion story in music at Good Friday vesper services. Bach divided the music into two parts. Highlights of the first part include the last supper and the betrayal and arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

In which city did Johann Sebastian Bach live when he wrote the St Matthew Passion?

Thomas Church (Thomaskirche) in Leipzig. Bach had been Thomaskantor (i.e., Cantor, and responsible for the music in the church) since 1723.

How long is St Matthew Passion?

three hours
The St. Matthew Passion is divided into two parts, and its performance takes somewhat less than three hours. The first part concerns Jesus Christ’s betrayal, the Last Supper, and his prayers and arrest in Gethsemane.

How long is St. Matthew Passion Bach?

How many instruments did Johann Sebastian Bach play?

Plus, Johann Sebastian Bach played the violin, brass, contrabass, cello, oboe, bassoon, horn and most likely flute and recorder. There were more instruments, which are not even around in a common orchestra any more today, and he was able to perform with them.

What is Johann Sebastian Bach’s most famous piece?

What did Johann Sebastian Bach compose? Johann Sebastian Bach composed over 1,000 pieces of music. Some of his most famous work included the Brandenburg Concertos, The Well-Tempered Clavier, and the Mass in B Minor.

Which Bach Passion is the best?

St Matthew Passion
This monumental St Matthew Passion is hailed as the greatest setting of the Passion story in western music, but surprisingly it was not until almost 100 years after its premiere that Bach’s music got the recognition it deserved.

What vocal part predominates in the St Matthew Passion?

the tenor Evangelist
Gospel parts The narration of the Gospel texts is sung by the tenor Evangelist in secco recitative accompanied only by continuo.