What is difference between Chevy LS and LT?

What is difference between Chevy LS and LT?

The Difference Between LS and LT The LS will add on extra amenities – often nicer interior or exterior upgrades or more premium technology. The LT follows after the LS, offering even better features at a slightly higher MSRP. While these features vary from model to model, you’ll notice a more luxurious feel overall.

How do I know if my Chevy Cruze is an LS or LT?

The LT includes an interior overhead courtesy lamp and dual reading lamps, while the LS includes overhead and rear courtesy lamps. You’ll find rear cargo mats provided with the LT, but not the LS. A rear center armrest is installed only in the LT.

What is LT and LS in cars?

LS = Luxury Sport. LT = Luxury Touring. LTZ = Luxury Touring Z. The Z represents it is the highest trim level.

What is the difference between Trailblazer LS and LT?

The LS package provided a four-way power seat for comfort, especially during long trips or sitting in traffic. The LT package stepped up the seating and provided an eight-way power seat. The seats in the LT had a built-in seat heater for those cold mornings.

What is Chevy LS package?

The base LS trim level includes all standard features such as 5.3L V8 engine and automatic transmission, FlexFuel capability, airbags, antilock brakes, remote keyless entry, alloy wheels with all-season tires, cruise control and power windows/locks, cloth seats, power drivers seat, CD and 9-passenger seating.

Do I have an LS or LT engine?

Much like with LS engines, the easiest way to be sure which LT engine you have is to check the 8th digit of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Consult these tables to identify your LT engine by VIN.

What does LS engine stand for?

luxury sport
The LS engine series debuted in the year 1997 and its manufacturer, General Motors, referred to the first model as Gen III Small-Block. In a car engine, LS stands for luxury sport, meaning it is majorly used in high-end cars that offer great performance like the Chevrolet.

What is the difference between a Trailblazer LS and LT?

What does LS mean on a trailblazer?

Hi Sally, Chevrolet says that the LS trim means “luxury sport.”

Does a trailblazer have a LS engine?

All 5.3L V-8s are equipped with DOD. Standard on all TrailBlazer and TrailBlazer EXT models, whether two- or four-wheel drive or in LS or uplevel LT trim, is GM’s advanced Vortec 4200 4.2L inline six-cylinder engine….

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How do I know if I have a LS engine?

What LS Engine Do I Have? To figure out what LS engine you’re staring at, just consult the RPO code. The easiest way to do this is to find the VIN and reference the 8th digit.

What’s the difference between LS and LT trailblazer?

What are the Chevrolet TrailBlazer trim levels?

The Chevrolet Trailblazer started out as a trim package for the Chevrolet Blazer. In 2002, Chevrolet launched the Trailblazer as a new sport utility vehicle. The truck was offered in three different trim levels, but the most popular was the “LS” and the “LT” packages.

What is the difference between a Chevy Cruze LS and Lt?

Chevy Cruze. In the case of the Chevy Cruze, the LT version (automatic for both) came with a better engine. On the LS, it used an I4 1.8L/110 while the LT used a turbo-charged I4 1.4L/83. The LT had the option of coming with a power tilt/sliding sunroof while coming standard with cruise control.

What is the value of a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer?

The value of a used 2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer ranges from $1,101 to $4,340, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options. Get a free appraisal here.

What is the LT package on a Chevy Trailblazer?

In 2002, Chevrolet launched the Trailblazer as a new sport utility vehicle. The truck was offered in three different trim levels, but the most popular was the “LS” and the “LT” packages. They were the same in engine size and capabilities, but the “LT” package provided a few more features to provide maximum comfort.