What is a XR lumbar spine examination?

What is a XR lumbar spine examination?

A lumbosacral spine x-ray is a picture of the small bones (vertebrae) in the lower part of the spine. This area includes the lumbar region and the sacrum, the area that connects the spine to the pelvis. This is the spine and the sacrum with the cervical (neck), thoracic (mid-back), and lumbar (lower back) vertebra.

What is XR scoliosis?

What Is a Scoliosis X-Ray? A scoliosis X-ray is a relatively safe and painless test that uses a small amount of radiation to create detailed images of the spine. An X-ray machine sends a beam of radiation through the back, and an image is recorded on a computer or special film.

What does AP lumbar spine mean?

AP Lumbar Spine. Place the gonadal shielding in the gonads area without obscuring the part or area of interest. When using a female ovarian shielding it obscures portions of sacrum and coccyx.

What is the lateral deviation of the spine?

Scoliosis is a lateral, or sideways, deviation of the spine, or vertebral column. The condition usually includes two curves—the original abnormal curve and a later-developing compensatory curve.

What is lateral deviation?

1. An asymmetry of the face when viewed from the front. 2. A movement of the mandible to one side on opening or during forward thrusting due to a condition of the temporomandibular joint, muscles of mastication, or the teeth.

Can lumbar lordosis be cured?

Mild lordosis in children, for example, may be cured over time without treatment while severe lordosis may require surgery. However; proper treatments may lead to symptom reduction, or in some people a “cure” or a reversal of lordosis back to normal or near normal.

What is lumbar spine AP and lateral?

Also question is, what is lumbar spine AP and lateral? A lumbosacral spine X-ray, or lumbar spine X-ray, is an imaging test that helps your doctor view the anatomy of your lower back. The lumbar spine is made up of five vertebral bones. The sacrum is the bony “shield” at the back of your pelvis.

What is an AP lateral chest xray?

What is AP lateral? A lateral chest projection is a part of standard x-ray examination of chest. The lateral view clearly displays the retrosternal and retro cardiac spaces that are not clearly visible in the PA view. A chest x-ray is used to perform in AP as well lateral view to evaluate lungs, heart and chest wall.

What does AP and Lat mean on a lumbosacral Xray?

X ray report (lumbosacral spine ap & lat), what does this mean? Views: AP refers to Anterior-posterior & lat refers to lateral views of the spine; nothing too fancy, just radiology terminology. Type of x-ray: A/P and Lat means anterior/posterior and lateral projection x-rays.

How many views of the lumbar spine are needed for Xray?

Lumbar Spine X-ray Guideline Note: For initial evaluation after trauma, routine 3 view (AP/Lateral/L5-S1 Spot) is recommended unless requested by a spine surgeon. Routine: 3 views