What do different prison tattoos mean?

What do different prison tattoos mean?

This is another incredibly common and easy-to-miss tattoo done in prison or on prisoners. A tattoo with five dots is a common tattoo that indicates you are serving or have served time. The four outer dots represent the four walls of the prison, while the middle dot represents the prisoner themselves.

What does the number 14 tattoo mean?

People who have this tattoo are usually Nazi/racist sympathizers. The number fourteen stands for fourteen words quoted from Nazi leader David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” The 88 stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet twice, HH, which represents Heil Hitler.

What does the 3 tattoo mean?

Some pagans believe the three interlocking parts of the triquetra symbolize the connectedness of the earth, sea and sky. Christians came to use these meaningful tattoos to illustrate the Trinity, the idea that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all one entity.

What does the tattoo 131/2 mean?

13 1/2 is a common prison tattoo. It stands for 12 jurors, 1 judge and a 1/2 assed lawyer.

What does a 333 tattoo mean?

The most likely meaning behind Brann’s “333” wrist tattoo: The number 333 is a Thelemic symbol used to represent Choronzon. Wikipedia explains: Choronzon is a demon or devil that originated in writing with the 16th century occultists Edward Kelley and John Dee within the latter’s occult system of Enochian magic.

What does the tattoo 23 mean?

“88” – Represents the letters “HH” or Hiel Hitler” “311” – Represents the letters “KKK” (Ku Klux Klan) “18” – Represents the Initials of Adolph Hitler. “A” & “H”. “23” – Represents “W” the 23rd letter of the alphabet.

What does the tattoo 333 mean?

What does the tattoo 999 mean?

The rap star said the number was an inversion of 666, known as “the mark of the beast.” He added: “999 represents taking whatever ill, whatever bad situation, whatever struggle you’re going through and turning it into something positive to push yourself forward.” Advertisement.

What does the tattoo 444 mean?

passion and ambition
The “444” specifically refers to passion and ambition. The number is meant to inspire you to get your act together and move towards something great, don’t drag your feet, and reignite and find the things that make you passionate about life.

What is the meaning of 13 tattoo?

What does a 13 tattoo symbolize? The unlucky number is treated as an antidote to conventional bad luck and identifier to other tattoo enthusiasts. The number 13 is associated with superstitious sailors, prison gangs and outlaws, and old school concepts of alienation and being an outsider.

What does a 666 tattoo mean?

In modern popular culture, 666 has become one of the most widely recognized symbols for the Antichrist or, alternatively, the devil. The number 666 is purportedly used to invoke Satan.

What does OTF tattoo mean?

Tattoo: ‘OTF’ tattoo on his right hand. Meaning: ‘OTF’ refers to ‘Only the Family’, a group of rappers formed by an American rapper, Lil Durk, in 2010. After Lil Durk signed King Von to his ‘Only the Family’ label, he got the tattoo ‘OTF’ inked on his right hand.

What is the meaning of this tattoo on a prison inmate?

It symbolizes “doing time”. This tattoo signifies a lengthy term in prison. This tattoo illustrates “gang life style” and its secret meaning is “my crazy life”. In Russia, this is the highest rank which a convict can avail. It symbolizes “Prince Of Thieves”. This tattoo is used to show the relegation of some prisoners.

What does a teardrop tattoo mean in jail?

One of the most widely recognized prison tattoos, the teardrop’s meaning varies geographically. In some places, the tattoo can mean a lengthy prison sentence, while in others it signifies that the wearer has committed murder. If the teardrop is just an outline, it can symbolize an attempted murder.

Which tattoo designs are popular among prisoners?

A ship tattoo was favored by those prisoners who were looking for escape routes. Russian Prison Tattoos – Russian prison design are garnering a great deal of interest amongst tattoo lovers these days, because of interesting as well as meaningful designs.

What do gang symbols mean in prison?

Instead of the name, they may even opt for a special or secret symbol chosen by their gang, which makes them instantly recognizable by their gang members in the prison. Certain gangs use some numbers as tattoos to express the affiliation of people belonging to them.