Is SIM card available in Cochin airport?

Is SIM card available in Cochin airport?

You will get the sim card from the airport itself which can be purchased on arrival. It is near the exit of the terminal. You only need to provide your passport copy and they will take the photo on the spot with camera.

Which state is Cochin?


Kochi, formerly Cochin, city and major port on the Malabar Coast of the Arabian Sea, west-central Kerala state, southwestern India.

How do I get to Kochi airport lounge?

After Security Checks and Passport Control, take the escalator on the right hand side to the 3rd Floor. The lounge is located on the left hand side of the Food Court area.

Is Kochi a metro city?

The Kochi metropolitan area or Kochi urban agglomeration is a metropolitan area centered around the city of Kochi, in Ernakulam district, Kerala, India. With a population of more than 2.1 million within an area of 440 km², it is the largest and most populous metropolitan area in Kerala.

Which cards are accepted in Cochin airport lounge?

I got access to the lounge as a business class passenger of Air India, however you can also access the lounge with any card like Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Priority Pass among others.

What is the Kochi Airport?

Built 25 km outside Ernakulam city in Nedumbassery, the Kochi airport is the first public-private partnership greenfield airport in the country. (A greenfield airport is one that is built from scratch on an undeveloped site.) A part of its funding came from non-resident Indians living in the Gulf, keen on cheaper flights home.

Why is Cochin International Airport closed till August 26?

A creek from the Periyar river was diverted when the airport – shut till August 26 – was built. As heavy rain continues to lash Kerala, the government announced on Thursday that the flooded Cochin International Airport would remain closed until August 26.

Is the Cochin canal mentioned in clearance for Cochin International Airport?

In the clearance granted to Cochin International Airport on March 15, 1995, only one mention of the canal is made:

How was the Cochin International Airport built?

When the airport was built, a creek, the Chengal Thodu, that served as a distributary from the river and three irrigation canals that provide water to nearby paddy fields were realigned to make space for the runway, as a coffee table book published by the Cochin International Airport Limited says.