Is pertussis a nationally notifiable disease?

Is pertussis a nationally notifiable disease?

Trends. Pertussis is nationally notifiable and clinicians should notify the appropriate health department of all patients with suspected pertussis. Similarly, diagnostic laboratories should notify health departments of all positive pertussis laboratory results.

Is pertussis a reportable communicable disease?

Transmission. Pertussis is highly communicable with studies showing 80% secondary attack rates among susceptible household contacts.

Why is whooping cough a notifiable disease?

Health professionals have a duty of care to report all suspected and confirmed cases to public health to ensure that contacts are managed promptly. Pertussis is a highly contagious, vaccine- preventable, respiratory disease that is caused by the Bordetella pertussis bacterium.

Is pertussis reportable to CDC?

pertussis is not reportable to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What type of surveillance system is the national notifiable diseases surveillance system?

The National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System (NNDSS) is a nationwide collaboration that enables all levels of public health (local, state, territorial, federal, and international) to share health information to monitor, control, and prevent the occurrence and spread of state-reportable and nationally notifiable …

What is the national notifiable diseases surveillance system involved in?

The National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS) provides the underlying data that public health officials at CDC need to monitor disease trends, study risk factors, evaluate prevention and control efforts, and target public health resources.

What is the incidence of pertussis?

The annual worldwide incidence of pertussis is estimated to be 48.5 million cases, with a mortality rate of nearly 295,000 deaths per year. The case-fatality rate among infants in low-income countries may be as high as 4%.

Is measles a notifiable disease?

Measles is a notifiable disease under the Public Health (Scotland) Act 2008. Measles should be considered if the patient has: Fever ≥38°C AND.

Is pertussis notifiable UK?

Whooping cough is a notifiable disease in England and Wales. A diagnosis may be made on clinical grounds without the need for laboratory confirmation. Notifications provide timely data relating to trends over time and by age.

Where is pertussis most common?

The states with the highest rates of pertussis include Vermont, Wisconsin, Alaska and Maine. Pertussis is more commonly known as whooping cough. It is a respiratory disease that causes uncontrollable coughing.

Is Rotavirus a reportable disease?

Rotavirus gastroenteritis is not a nationally reportable disease and notification is not required by CDC.

What are the notifiable diseases that need to be reported to epidemiological surveillance?

Nationally Notifiable Diseases

  • Cholera.
  • Cryptosporidiosis.
  • Cyclosporiasis.
  • Giardiasis.
  • Hepatitis A.
  • Legionellosis.
  • Malaria*
  • Salmonellosis.