How much does PZ Cussons pay?

How much does PZ Cussons pay?

PZ Cussons Salaries

Job Title Salary
Senior Brand Manager salaries – 1 salaries reported $49,169/yr
Category Marketing Manager salaries – 1 salaries reported $51,205/yr
Work salaries – 1 salaries reported $207,774/yr
CEO-Founder salaries – 1 salaries reported $221,961/yr

Where is PZ company located?

Lagos, Nigeria
PZ trades home appliances products under the brand Haier Thermocool and manages Coolworld electrical stores….PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc.

Type Public company
Headquarters Lagos, Nigeria
Key people Chris Giannopoulos, MD
Products Imperial Leather, Soaps, Milk, Powdered Milk, olive oil, Detergents & Healthcare Products.
Revenue Naira 79,630m (2017)

What is the full meaning of PZ company?

History. PZ Cussons was formed in 1975 when Paterson Zochonis took over Cussons Group Ltd. from the Cussons family, who founded Cussons in 1884. In 1993, PZ bought the state owned Pollena Wroclaw in Poland, followed in 1995 by Pollena Uroda, and in 2002, Paterson Zochonis plc was renamed PZ Cussons plc.

Who owns Cussons?

PZ acquire UK company Cussons, including leading household soap brand Imperial Leather.

How much does NNPC pay their staff?

On the average, experienced staffs in NNPC earn between N500, 000 – N1 million depending on the level of experience and the rank. Managers in some certain fields in the organization earns far more than this. In fact, some top managers earn above 2 million naira per month.

How much does Nigerian Breweries pay graduates?

Nigerian Breweries Salary FAQs The average salary for a Management Trainee is NGN 140,000 per month in Nigeria, which is 55% lower than the average Nigerian Breweries salary of NGN 315,000 per month for this job.

What are the products of PZ Cussons?

Our Brands

  • Bayley’s of Bond Street.
  • Canoe.
  • Carex.
  • Charles Worthington.
  • Cussons Baby.
  • Cussons Kids.
  • Devon Kings.
  • Fudge Professional.

Which country owns thermocool?

Founded in 1971 in Nigeria. The brand started out in Nigeria as Thermocool in 1971, they began the trading of fridges and freezers from their retail shop in downtown Broad Street, Lagos. The brand became so popular that almost every Nigerian home had a Thermocool fridge and freezer.

Where are Cussons products made?

PZ Cussons currently manufactures and distributes more than 30 brands across its global network of companies in Europe, Africa and Asia. The firm has been manufacturing soap in Thailand for nearly 20 years and in Indonesia for 18 years.

How good is Cusson baby lotion?

Cussons baby products are very baby is using the lotion is very good giving him a soft and smooth and supple baby’s skin, soap give me joy whenever he is bathing because of the sweet fragrance and oil gives him a nourishing and moisturized skin and shiny hair. even me do use the soap and lotion.

How much do CBN workers earn?

The average salaries for Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is 508,935 Naira. This data is collated by 17 employees from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The roles include Assistant Manager, Branch Controller, Chartered Accountant, Chief Security Officer (CSO), Deputy Governor CBN, Driver etc.

How much does CBN pay entry level?

CBN pays its entry-level staff ₦122,000 monthly. So, in a year you will certainly be making concerning ₦1,464,000.