How much does aquaguard service cost?

How much does aquaguard service cost?

What is the maintenance cost of an Aquaguard water purifier? The maintenance cost of Aquaguard water purifiers ranges between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000, which includes the cost of replacing the RO membrane and other parts.

When should we service Aquaguard water purifier?

Water filters are the most important parts of a water purifier. Sediment and carbon filter play an important role in removing the different impurities present in water. Most of the water purifiers available in the market need to replace the filters in every 6-8 months.

What to do if aquaguard is not working?

Solution: You can use a tester to check out whether there is a power supply to the power point. If there is no supply, you can check out the main switchboard to ensure there is no tripping of the current supply. Still, if there is no power supply to the point, you can call a local electrician to investigate the matter.

How do I raise a complaint in aquaguard?

Aquaguard Customer Care, Offices, Service Centers, Complaint Escalation

  1. Aquaguard Customer Service Number : 39883333.
  2. SMS : SMS “AG” to 566775.
  3. Email Id: [email protected]
  4. Website:

Does aquaguard provide free service?

Under this contract, Eureka Forbes Limited undertakes to maintain your product used at the address registered with us. 1. This contract provides for free replacement of consumable and periodical service to the product as below.

Which water purifier has high maintenance cost?

The Annual maintenance cost is so high, with service maintenance contract it comes to about 50% of the cost of the R.O. every year.

What is the maintenance cost of water purifier?

The maintenance cost of RO water purifiers in India ranges between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 6000. This includes the expense of replacing the RO membrane, as well as various pre-and post-filters, the UV light, and labor.

Should we switch off water purifier at night?

Don’t forget – in general you should not switch your water purifier off at night. Even if it is to save a bit of electricity or wear and tear on the unit. Water purification systems are made to operate almost continuously and switching them on or off unnecessarily can damage the parts.

Why does water filter stop working?

Water pressure is too low. Water filters and purifiers are designed to only work properly when the water pressure is in an optimal range. Water pressure that is too low or too high will prevent your water filter from working.

How do I test my water purifier?

Here’s a Guide on How to Check your Water Purifier:

  1. Step 1 – Quality is King!
  2. Step 2 – Pay Attention to the pre-filter.
  3. Step 3 – Fit in New filters.
  4. Step 4 – Replace the RO Membrane.
  5. Step 5 – Look Out for Leakages.
  6. Step 6 – Regular RO Water Purifier Service.

Is aquaguard installation free?

Get Free Lifetime Re-Installation and Uninstallation Worth Rs 1400 on Purchase of Aquaguard Select/Dr. Aquaguard Water Purifier.

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