How do you get medals in World of Tanks?

How do you get medals in World of Tanks?

Destroy at least one vehicle of each type from each nation’s tech tree. It’s possible to earn an expert medal for each nation in the game. In the event that new vehicles are added to the tech trees, the award becomes inactive until the new vehicles have been destroyed.

What are epic medals in WoT?

Battle Heroes

Battle Heroes These are the most common medals, given to players who played their part perfectly in a battle.
Epic Medals If Battles Heroes medals are not enough of a challenge for you, collect these awards, only given to the most daring and outstanding commanders out there.

How do you get medals in World of Tanks Blitz?

Medals are a reward for accomplishing a certain feat in Blitz. For example, you will receive the medal Spartan if you survive a non-penetrating / ricochet with less than 10% of HP left. Medals are also sometimes awarded during an event, called Commemorative Tokens by the game.

How do you get Kolobanov medal in World of Tanks Blitz?

Kolobannov’s Medal- Stand alone against 3 enemy vehicles and win, you must survive. Capturing the base does count. Colonel Zinoviy Kolobanov was a Soviet tank ace who destroyed 22 German tanks 2 armored guns, and 2 vehicles with his KV1 in battle on August 19, 1941.

What is Mark of Excellence wot?

Marks of excellence are awarded based on the difference between the average player damage in the vehicle and the average damage done by all players in the vehicle. Damage statistics are collected every day, taking into account the previous several days.

How do you get top gun in World of Tanks?

The Top Gun Achievement is awarded to a player with at least six kills in a single battle. It is a coveted (highly sought after) award because not many players are able to achieve such outstanding performance in a battle.

What is battle hero status wot?

“Battle Hero” is just a term for one of the battle achievements(ex. top gun,sniper,steel wall, ect.) So get one battle achievement= 1 point to Kay’s medal.

How do you get raseiniai heroes medal?

[In-Game] Raseiniai Heroes’ Medal * Awarded to a player who destroys at least 14 enemy vehicles in Random Battles or 21 enemies in Grand Battles single-handedly.

What is a mastery badge in World of Tanks Blitz?

Mastery badges are an ultimate display of your prowess in a specific armored vehicle and the highest class (Ace Tanker) is not easy to get unless you know every trick with a certain tank. Once earned on a tank, nobody can take the Mastery Badge from you!

How do you get top gun in World of Tanks Blitz?

The Top Gun medal is received by players who destroyed the most enemy vehicles, but no less than four.

What is 3 mark wot?

This is one of the best indications of skill in the game – an Ace Tanker means you had at least one good match, but 3 Marks indicate a consistency in skill and an overall mastery of the vehicle.

How long does it take to get a mark of excellence in WOT?

On average, it may take 50–100 battles (or more) to reach the highest level of achievement.

What is the least popular tank in World of tanks?

Maus has opposite characteristics than its name.

  • Maus is a fear factor to the enemy.
  • The best tank for side scraping,best overall armor,highest HP,thickest side armor…
  • Its 128 mm gun is great if it penetrates.
  • Its armor’s basic weak points are lower glacis and turret cheeks.
  • Huge,slow,cumbersome.
  • How hard is world of tanks?

    What was the most difficult element while developing World of Tanks Blitz? How is that different from World of Tanks PC? Sure thing. Designing controls was the most difficult thing for us. It’s always the case with mobile action games, especially in real time. The fact that tanks in their essence are slow and sluggish vehicles did help us a lot.

    What tank to buy first in World of tanks?

    World of Tank Tank Types. Each tank type has its own playstyle,be it scouting,aggression,support,or something in between,and figuring out which one you like best can

  • Before You Buy Your First Tank.
  • Cruiser Mk 3.
  • T2 Medium Tank.
  • Panzerjager 1 (Pz Jag.
  • SU-18.
  • What world record does world of tanks have?

    Ilker Yilmaz’s record for squirting milk from his eye. He sprayed milk 279.5cm.

  • Most albino siblings (four)
  • Most bowls broken with one finger in one minute (102 – sort of puts the hot dog record holder to shame,doesn’t it?)