How do I install SickRage?

How do I install SickRage?

  1. SickRage Unique Features.
  2. Step 0: Prerequisite for SickRage Installation.
  3. Step 1: Install the Essentials.
  4. Step 2: Install SickRage on Ubuntu.
  5. Step 3: Start SickRage.
  6. Step 4: Configure SickRage.
  7. Step 5: Autostart SickRage.

How do I set up SickChill?


  1. Start SickChill in daemon mode to create the initial configuration files. python ~/sickchill/ –nolaunch.
  2. Edit the configuration file to set the required settings. A username and password must be set.
  3. Change Your Bash Timezone.
  4. Restart Sickbeard python ~/sickchill/ -d.

What is Sickbeard?

Sick Beard is a PVR for newsgroup users (with limited torrent support). It watches for new episodes of your favorite shows and when they are posted it downloads them, sorts and renames them, and optionally generates metadata for them.

How do I configure my Synology NAS?


  1. Open a web browser on a computer and go to or synologynas:5000 (synologynas. local:5000 for Mac computers).
  2. Web Assistant will launch in your web browser. It will search for and find Synology devices on your local network.
  3. Click Connect to start the DSM installation and setup process.

Is Sickbeard still being developed?

This software was discontinued and replaced by Otomatic . Last version, Automatic 2, can be still downloaded from the official website.

What can I use instead of SickBeard?

The best alternative is Sonarr, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like Sick Beard are Radarr (Free, Open Source), FlexGet (Free, Open Source), SickChill (Free, Open Source) and Medusa – TV Library Manager (Free, Open Source).

How do I install sickrage on Windows Server 2016?

Install SickRage on Windows Server Right click on the start button and then click on Command Prompt (Admin) Windows Server 2016 – Right click on start button Execute the following command, and then press Enter:

How do I set up sickrage?

To setup SickRage, I recommend running it from source (to keep up with the latest features and bug fixes) using Python with git as the updater. If you do not have python and git installed already, install them and python-cheetah (also needed) using the command below:

How to install sickrage on Ubuntu Linux?

SickRage installation on Ubuntu Linux is essentially the same as that of SickBeard setup. The major difference is only in the github repository that is cloned. This guide assumes that you are doing a clean installation of SickRage. If you already have an active SickBeard app, then uninstall SickBeard before proceeding.

How can I view sickrage through the Internet?

If you have port forwarding enabled on your router and you have a domain name referring to your server running SickRage, you may also view it through the internet using your domain name: For now, http://localhost:8081 should be enough.