How do I get a full scholarship to AUC?

How do I get a full scholarship to AUC?

Students must demonstrate financial need, have had clean conduct and academic integrity record for the previous semester, have a minimum GPA of 2.0, be registered as a full-time student, and demonstrate a positive contribution to the AUC Tobacco-Free initiative. For more information , click here.

Does AUC have engineering?

AUC offers a diverse range of courses and graduate degrees that aid Egypt’s future engineers and scientists in their career paths.

How do you pay for AUC?

AUC currently accepts visa, MasterCard, and discover through online payment only. A 1.27 percent convenience fee will be assessed for payment by credit card. Credit cards are not accepted at the SSC cashier or the CIB branches.

What GPA do you need to get into AUC?

AUC requires a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0) from an accredited school for admission consideration from grade 9 through grade 12. Applicants who joined different schools should submit official transcripts from all institutions attended.

Can international students work in Egypt?

International students cannot work in Egypt for the duration of their stay. Many Egyptian universities offer scholarships to international students on the basis of merit or need.

What is ug scholarship?

Undergraduate scholarships are meant to support the education of students at the undergraduate level. These scholarships offer financial freedom to those students, who face financial constraints in pursuing their dream education.

How many credit hours is AUC engineering?

Courses (33 credit hours) Students must complete 21 credits in graduate mechanical engineering courses.

Is there medicine in AUC?

The Premedical track is open to all AUC undergraduate students. The track provides basic biological and physical science courses that prepare students for admission into medical schools abroad. The liberal art education at AUC provides the well-rounded education required by medical schools.

How many credit hours is AUC?

15 credit hours
Full-Time Academic Load Fall and Spring Semesters: 12 to 15 credit hours for undergraduate students and nine credit hours for graduate students. Summer Semester: The summer semester is a six-week period. The maximum load for summer enrollment at AUC is six credit hours (two courses).

How do I drop a class AUC?

The course drop form is available on the Online Forms webpage during the dates below. Select the desired course, select “drop” and submit it online.

Can I double major in AUC?

In considering whether to major in two subjects, students should be aware that it may take more than four years to complete all requirements, that scheduling of prerequisites and required courses in two majors may be difficult, and that some AUC departments, particularly those which limit enrollment, may not allow …

Is Cairo safe for international students?

Egypt’s capital city of Cairo, too, features as one of the best cities for International students as per the QS Best Student Cities in the world rankings. Culture – Studying in Egypt is also a chance to explore Egypt’s culture – a unique fusion of Africa, Middle East and the Mediterranean.

How much does it cost to study at AUC?

The tuition rate is based on a flat rate of $583 for Egyptian students per credit hour and $735 for international students per credit hour. For ELI, Egyptian students will pay $6,996 whereas international students will pay $8,820. Tuition rates at AUC are expressed in US dollars.

How much does it cost to reserve housing at AUC?

At registration, $1,000 of the enrollment reservation fee will be applied to the cost of tuition for students who matriculate to AUC. Housing Security Deposit * : A security deposit of $1,650 is payable to reserve housing.

How is cost of attendance (COA) determined?

HOW IS COST OF ATTENDANCE (COA) DETERMINED? COA includes all medical school costs, including institutional tuition and fees as well as personal expenses related to academics. COA includes direct costs such as institutional tuition and fees. As well as indirect costs such as, personal expenses that are related to academics.

How do I make payments to American University of the Caribbean?

Make your check, money order or traveler’s check payable in US dollars to American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. If you cannot pay in full, you may set up a payment plan that would allow you pay in three monthly installments. The payment plan must be set up prior to or at check-in on campus.