Having Fun in Las Vegas: 7 Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation

Having Fun in Las Vegas: 7 Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation

On average, each Las Vegas’ traveler spends about $500 over the weekend on casinos and slot machines. But the Sin City is famous not only for gambling – it offers several equally interesting entertainments for the visitors. They are scattered throughout the city, thus NU rental car will be a perfect way to try them out.

The following activities will provide a unique experience to your journey to Las Vegas, turning it into an exciting adventure in the heart of the Mojave Desert.


Las Vegas doesn’t sleep even at night. Moreover, it’s at night that the city reveals all its charms. For the fans of dancing and evening entertainments, there are many great night clubs on the famous Las Vegas Strip. XS and Tao clubs are especially noteworthy establishments, but getting there is difficult because of their popularity: as a rule, a huge queue is usually at the entrance. However, it’s not at all necessary to crowd in the queue when there is such a wonderful place as Carnaval Court – an open-air bar with DJs and live music. Quieter music can be heard on the local scene, on Fremont Street, which is located on the east of Las Vegas Boulevard.


Few travelers know that there are several interesting museums in Las Vegas. The exposition at the Atomic Testing Museum is dedicated to the nuclear test site not far from the city – thousands of explosions were carried out between 1945 and 1992. Also, there’s Imperial Palace Auto Museum, where you can find unique exhibits: the Mercedes of Adolf Hitler and Rolls-Royce of Nicholas II.

On the territory of the Las Vegas Springs Preserve that covers the area of more than 70 hectares, there is a botanical garden, a theater, a historical photo gallery, as well as several hiking trails for outdoor activities.

Water activities

If you are lucky enough to get to Las Vegas in the summer, be aware that this is just a perfect season for relaxing by the pool. Of course, you can have fun within your own hotel. For example, Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas has a pool with an artificial beach and waves – this is a great place for families with children. The club pools are much more fun, especially on weekends.

While relaxing by the water, order icy lemonade in the Wet Republic pool, or try the more refined Encore Beach Club. Sunday Rehab of the world-famous Hard Rock brand will be also a great option. By the way, among its guests you can see Courtney Love. Search for a whitewater rafting trip with Advantage Grand Canyons search engine which searches all top 15 outfitters for you.


Having Fun in Las Vegas: 7 Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation

If hotel pools are too boring for you, then don’t be in a hurry to get upset. Head to the Stratosphere Tower, which is the tallest building of its kind in the American West. Relatively new equipment makes it possible to experience the feeling of free fall from the height of 108 floors above the Strip. Thrills can also be experienced from another attraction: after a breathtaking uplift at the edge of the tower, you will spin around your axis, as in a centrifuge.


Las Vegas Strip is just filled with large shopping centers, where world famous designers have opened their brand stores. The fans of antiquities will find their favorite shops throughout the city – they are placed everywhere and sometimes offer products that you can’t see anywhere else. Looking for a feather boa that girls use on shows? Their large range is provided in Rainbow Feather Co.

In the city center at the Gamblers General Store you can buy a variety of different souvenir playing cards that were once used in Las Vegas casinos, as well as full-size roulette and poker chips.


A wedding played in Las Vegas will surely be remembered for a long time, and there will be something to tell the children. True, it’s necessary to prepare the papers at home so that upon arrival the registration of the marriage goes perfectly.

Registration itself takes an hour and can be held at any time of the day. A perfect selection of chapel makes it easy to find the most suitable setting for your marriage. The solemn ceremony depends on financial opportunities and personal wishes. The most popular chapel for a ceremony in Las Vegas is Little White Wedding Chapel, but it must be booked in advance.

Natural sights

Having Fun in Las Vegas: 7 Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation

After spending some time in a gambling capital, you will certainly want to relax. This is just the right time to rent a car and go on the road trip to the Mojave Desert.

Red Rock Canyon is a popular place for mountain climbing and biking. In the Valley of Fire, you can see the bizarre formations of red stone: Beehives, Duck Rock and many others. In the summer it’s advisable to come there early in the morning, as the day temperature rises to +40°C.

Mount Charleston is the highest point of the Spring Mountains mountain range. It’s located 40 km away from Las Vegas and features beautiful views from the mountain peaks. In the summer in the area of Mount Charleston, you can stroll and enjoy the surrounding nature, and in the winter – go snowboarding or skiing.

About two hours east of Las Vegas you’ll find the Death Valley, and if you plan a day-long trip, you can visit the Grand Canyon, National Park.