Essential skills required for becoming successful Website Designer in Dublin

Essential skills required for becoming successful Website Designer in Dublin

Web designing is not an easy career; it requires a variety of skills. You will need all the skills that can contribute to your creativity. For a long time, people decided to become website designers and then moved forward to become web developers because of the skills they acquired during their training period. Here we are going to discuss about the essential skills requirement for a web designer Dublin in a detailed way.

Personal Skills Needed as a Website Designer

Goal orientation – This means that you should always keep the main goal in mind when completing a project, designing a website, learning new techniques, and making a plan.

Patience – As a website designer, you need to learn the art of being patient. Whenever the code doesn’t work, you must be patient enough and attentive enough to figure out where things went wrong or what punctuation you missed.

Diversity – As a web developer, you need to be as diverse as possible. This includes acquiring more knowledge as you progress. You don’t have to stop at just becoming a web designer, but strive relentlessly to become a web developer.

Team Player – You need to know how to work as a team or as a team member. This is essential for all website designers. Moreover, it will help you in collaboration with developers and effective communications.

Creativity – It can be easily acquired through your environment. For example, if you look at nature or trees, you will notice that jungle green goes well with lemon and white.

That way, when you create your website, you will learn which colors go well and which don’t. Another example is the sky, which includes shades of blue that are somewhat different. All of these can help you mix and match colors. You can also strengthen your knowledge by playing with different colors and see how they look next to each other.

Professional Skills Needed as a Website Designer


As a website developer, you need to know HTML. Professional web designers and web developers can attest to how HTML / XHTML / HTML5 has helped them a lot. This is the first thing taught when you decide to dive into web design, but it is also the most important. It is also what lays the foundation for the whole process.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

It is also important to know CSS, which helps in designing the overall look of the website. It is important to have an external CSS file if the site is large, and an inline CSS file if the site is not that large. It is important for every website designer to know what code is used to change color, font, font size, font family, layout, images and all media.


Although JavaScript is not as popular as CSS and HTML, it is still important to know it. With JavaScript, you can set the date shift on the website. For example, if today is May 7, when tomorrow comes, the site will automatically show the exact date May 8. The function works by itself, without any adjustments. Thus, JavaScript is powerful and functional.


JQuery is just as important as JavaScript because it adds more functionality to the site. It is commonly used in conjunction with JavaScript to help add additional functionality to the language. However, it is not as popular or used as often as JavaScript. As a web developer, you still need to know the various ways to make something work. JQuery has been around for a long time and has been slow to embrace by some developers. However, it has not yet reached its full power.

Content management systems

a) WordPress

WordPress is a type of content management system that was originally modified for blogs. However, over time, people began to use the system even to create websites. WordPress is not as complex as its Joomla and Drupal counterparts. Anyone can install and start using WordPress in a short period of time. It also has a support community that makes sure the user doesn’t get stuck anywhere. Thus, as a website developer, it is important to know how to use WordPress and the various plugins that are added to it.

b) Joomla

Joomla is another content management system that is used to build websites. It’s as easy as creating a database, installing and configuring it. It is not difficult to set up a website with Joomla. However, the tricky part comes in when adding plugins, extensions and modules to the site. Hence, you also need to know Joomla and all of its features. This way you can make your customers happy when you create a website for them. However, you should be very careful when choosing a website template. Some of them require licenses if they are intended for commercial use, while others are limited by the responsiveness of the website. Joomla can be used to create blogs, online stores, business websites, and more.

c) Drupal

Drupal is slightly more advanced and complex than Joomla. It can be used for corporate and large websites. Like WordPress and Joomla, Drupal also requires a database in order for it to function well. Thus, you need to know one of the two systems very well and the basics of the third. Knowledge of any of the three systems depends on your interest. If you are more interested in one specific one, focus on that and so on.


Before Joomla came along, Dreamweaver worked more or less. However, Dreamweaver did not result in responsive websites. In addition, it was mainly used to acquire some specific codes.


As a website designer, you need to know how to edit images using Photoshop, as well as how to create a website using it. Photoshop also helps you design logos, business cards, postcards, and invoices. So, as a web designer you also have to be a partial graphic designer and know how to create certain things.

Latest trends in website design

Various trends in website design include:

Having a responsive website – is because nowadays people prefer to buy smartphones, laptops, and tablets in wholesale for business purposes. If you don’t have a responsive website, you’ll have to zoom in and out to read certain content. A web development and SEO company like Cliqued media agency can develop great responsive websites according to SEO trends.

Minimal use of slideshows – they are slowly dying out. This is why it is important to use large images instead of slideshows if you want to provide specific information on the first page.

Using Ecommerce Platforms to Build Online Stores – Many people want to have an online store. It is also important for a physical store to have an online presence. Thus, as a website designer, you should be armed with this knowledge. For example: Osclass, Tomatocart, Opencart, Magento and Abante Cart.

More use of databases when building websites – It is important to know everything about databases, how they help, their importance and use. That is, there is enough knowledge on how to create tables and how to export and import them. For example: MySQL and Oracle.

Using more content management systems rather than writing code regularly – while it is important to know how to write code, CMS is also important enough to know. There are many content management systems that you can get from Softaculous. Plus, they are like software that you install and configure as you see fit.

It’s also a pleasure to work with them.


As a web developer, it is very important for you to acquire professional skills and also be aware of all emerging trends. Reading blogs, informational news and subscriptions will help increase your knowledge in various ways. Cliqued Media Web Design Agency choose their developers by taking into account all the skills needed for a developer. You once should try our web designing service at least and you will be our fan!!