Are Windwalker monks good in Shadowlands PvP?

Are Windwalker monks good in Shadowlands PvP?

Windwalker Monk Strengths in PvP Generally Windwalkers do fairly well into other melee cleave compositions because of the fact that their cleave is much stronger than others while also being able to avoid damage better than most classes.

Are monks good in PvP Shadowlands?

Windwalker Monks are one of the best melee specializations in the game right now. They not only have some of the best spread pressure as a melee, they have almost unmatched single-target burst. All it takes is one coordinated set-up for a Windwalker Monk to quickly kill an enemy. 1.1.

What is the best legendary for Windwalker Monk PvP?

Best Legendaries for Windwalker Monks in PvP

  • Keefer’s Skyreach is the best Legendary for Windwalker Monks. This increases your already strong burst damage and works well with Alpha Tiger.
  • Invoker’s Delight is another good Legendary for Windwalker Monks.
  • If you want another reliable way to deal burst damage,

What stats do Windwalker monks need?

The stat priority for Windwalker Monks depends on the encounter type and your character’s gear….The Basics of Stats for Windwalker Monk

  • Weapon Damage;
  • Agility;
  • Versatility;
  • Critical Strike;
  • Mastery;
  • Haste.

How much soul Ash does it take to make a legendary?

And Soul Ash can be gathered through completing layers of Torghast. When you’re finished making your base item, collecting your Missives, and earning 1,250 Soul Ash, talk to the Runecraver, offer him a Memory of the Runecarver recipe, and he’ll create your Legendary.

What Monk spec is best?

Although each specialization has strengths and weaknesses, we recommend Brewmaster as the best Monk leveling spec. Great survivability and healing coupled with area damage make this spec kill groups of mobs fairly easily.

Are Windwalker monks good?

How Good is Windwalker Monk in Shadowlands? Windwalker Monks have a very flexible toolkit and provide various utility. They perform well on sustained damage output and have many ways to provide your group with AoE. Generally, Windwalker performs well in Mythic+ and PvP, but struggles to stay strong in raids.

When should I cancel Fist of Fury?

if you have 50% haste or more, you will fully channel Fists of Fury, during Weapons of Order, however if you have below 50% you will cancel it after one GCD.

What is the best stat for Windwalker monk in PvP?

The stat priority for Windwalker Monk in PvP is as follows: Agility; Versatility; Mastery; Haste; Critical Strike. Agility is the best stat in all situations. Versatility is the strongest secondary stat at all times due increasing your damage and reducing the amount of damage you take. You should also try to focus on getting Mastery.

Is Windwalker a good DPS class in Wow?

Windwalker Monks are a fine DPS class with very good A of E capability and pretty nice self-healing. Warlords of Draenor brought a lot of changes, check them out on our Monk changes post. Our Other Monk Guides : Mistweaver healing , Brewmaster tank , Monk leveling , WnadWalker PvP and WindWalker PvP Gear.

What is the best gear for a Windwalker monk?

Here is the best gear we recommend you using as a Windwalker Monk. Chest: Unchained Gladiator’s Leather Vest — This is a good slot to make a Versatility/Mastery legendary. 2.2. Note: It is important to be wearing 2 PvP trinkets.

Are shards of domination good for Windwalker monk?

Something to note is that these Shards are nerfed by 50% in PvP. Although they do have powerful affects, they are not mandatory to be successful in PvP. With that said, if you do get the chance to use Shards of Domination, here are the best ones for Windwalker Monk: