Why did Azman leave JianHao?

Why did Azman leave JianHao?

Ridhwan said he didn’t even earn enough to feed his family, and his father and grandfather passed away while he was at work. He asked for a long break and felt that he was being distanced by the rest — his stuff was thrown out, his email access was revoked, and he had Instagram posts subtly (or not so) alluding to him.

What happened to JianHao and ridhwan?

JianHao (left) and Ridhwan (right) became friends and colleagues again in 2017. Screengrab from YouTube video. On 2 December 2015, Ridhwan left The JianHaoTan Co., citing that he “felt that he deserved better”. According to Ridhwan’s blog entry, he wanted to leave the company because he was not earning much.

Is ridhwan Azman related to JianHao Tan?

In November 2017, Ridhwan founded CrayEight Studios Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of The JianHao Tan Media Pte Ltd – now Titan Digitial Media Pte Ltd. As of November 2019, he is listed as the Founder and Director of the subsidiary company.

Where is JianHao Tan now?

After completing his studies in Vietnam, JianHao returned to Singapore to fulfill his national service requirements.

Who is JianHao Tan ex?

His break-up with previous girlfriend and fellow influencer Naomi Neo, though respectful and amicable, went viral three years ago. In his current relationship, Jian Hao and Debbie have established a firm rule to never air or even indirectly reference their disagreements or personal issues on social media.

Why did JianHao remove Peter Papadum?

He has since been removed from JianHao’s channel, in response to ongoing racial issues in the world in May 2020, with his disappearance confirmed in the school series. Ever since, Mr. Papadum remains an unseen (or blurred) character on older videos, since his voice still remains, except he doesn’t appear in person.

Who is Ren Yi Xiang?

Ren Yi Xiang is a main character and a deuteragonist of the School Series. He was a student of Class T1T5 in Titan Academy. He is the former president of Titan Academy’s chess club.

Is JianHao and Nicole siblings?

Nicole Tan is a student of Class T1T5 and a main character in Season 1 and Season 3, alongside with her brother JianHao. Nicole is also the sister of the same grade and age as JianHao; the two are often seen going to school and hanging out together.

Is Debbie soon colorblind in real life?

It is also stated in “13 Types of Among Us Players” that she is color blind. Despite this, she could recognize orange only, and not green, red, or purple, making her neither protanopic (no red), deuteranopic (no green), nor tritanopic (no blue).

What does Naomi husband work as?

In an exclusive with Alvinology, Naomi said that her husband is said to be a very private person who works for his family’s business.

Is there any Indian in JianHao Tan?

I try my best to include as many races in my videos, among the characters, we have a Malay principal, a Chinese cleaner, an Indian teacher.

Is Ren Yi Xiang expelled?

He was a student of Class T1T5 in Titan Academy. In 17 Types of Students During Exam Results Ren Yi Xiang gets expelled from Titan Academy.