What word can I use instead of hope?

What word can I use instead of hope?


  • achievement.
  • ambition.
  • anticipation.
  • aspiration.
  • belief.
  • concern.
  • confidence.
  • desire.

What is the synonym of prayer?


  • appeal.
  • invocation.
  • plea.
  • service.
  • worship.
  • application.
  • begging.
  • benediction.

What is a antonym for prayer?

Opposite of a prayer asking for divine blessing. anathema. curse. execration. imprecation.

How do you use prayer hope wish?

You wish before you have begun doing something, you hope when you have completed a task and you pray because you feel that ensures success. For example everyone wishes to perform good in exams,those who have appeared hope for good results and those who hope pray to get good results.

Is faith a synonyms for hope?

The act of rejecting. Find another word for faith. In this page you can discover 101 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for faith, like: hope, belief, trust, certitude, dependence, acceptance, fidelity, reliance, revelation, gospel and denomination.

What is the synonym of worship?

Some common synonyms of worship are adore, reverence, revere, and venerate. While all these words mean “to honor and admire profoundly and respectfully,” worship implies homage usually expressed in words or ceremony.

What is the adjective of prayer?

Characterised or typified by prayer or praying; prayerful.

What is a short prayer called?

In Christian piety, an ejaculation, sometimes known as ejaculatory prayer or aspiration, is “a short prayer, in which the mind is directed to God, on any emergency.” “A sigh, a devout aspiration, a holy ejaculation, will oftener pierce the sky, and reach the ear of Omnipotence, than a long set exercise of prayer…”.

What do you call a person who prays?

A person who prays is called a “precant.”

What is the difference between wishing and praying?

So, while wishing does not extend beyond the individual, praying does. In fact, prayer extends to the God who has exhaustive control over all things. That means that when we pray, we have grounds for believing that there will be definitive change in our lives: and the grounds are God himself!

Is hoping and praying the same thing?

Prayer is deliberate communion and communication with a Divine Entity other than self. Hope is an uncertain and faithless belief that something will take place without any certainty or deliberate action or follow up or belief that it will ever take place.

What is the best synonym for faith?


  • acceptance.
  • belief.
  • confidence.
  • conviction.
  • hope.
  • loyalty.
  • truth.
  • allegiance.

How can a Christian overcome discouragement?

Change Negative Thoughts. Shutterstock.com While it’s easier said than done,getting rid of negative emotions is a great start to fighting off discouragement.

  • Read the Word of God.
  • Brush Off Mistakes.
  • Imitate God’s Viewpoint.
  • Take Care of Your Body and Mind.
  • Converse with the Lord.
  • Accomplish Meaningful Tasks.
  • Beat Discouragement.
  • What is the key to overcoming discouragement?

    THAT IS DISAPPOINTING. Disappointment is inevitable…discouragement is optional.

  • CAUSES OF DISCOURAGEMENT. I define it as feeling overwhelmed by by feelings of inadequacy.
  • FILL ‘ER UP! When overcoming discouragement,how do we actually focus on Christ?
  • How do you overcome discouragement?

    – “This will make me stronger.” – “You will get the next one.” – “He missed out on a great relationship.” – “This is just a small bump in the road.” – “God has something else for me.”

    Does God hear the prayers of non-Christians?

    So we may answer generally that God does not hear the prayers of non-Christians in the same sense He hears those of Christians. With that said, what does Scripture teach us about prayers offered by those who are seeking the Lord? God knows when people are of the right disposition that they will obey the gospel if only given the chance.