What iwi is Te Puke?

What iwi is Te Puke?

There are five marae in Te Puke, affiliated with local iwi and hapū: Haraki Marae and meeting house are affiliated with Waitaha and the Ngāti Rangiwewehi hapū of Ngāti Rangiwewehi ki Tai. Makahae – Te Kahika Marae is affiliated with the Tapuika hapū of Ngāti Tuheke.

What is the meaning of Te Puke?

the hill
The name Te Puke means, literally, “the hill”.

What is Te Puke famous for?

Te Puke is a town located 28 kilometres southeast of Tauranga in the Western Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. It is particularly famous for the cultivation of kiwifruit. Population 6770.

What is the history of Te Puke?

Western Bay of Plenty town 21 km south-east of Mt Maunganui. George Vesey Stewart established the settlement, and the first British settlers arrived in 1881, but it was through dairying in the early 20th century that the town flourished. A second boost came in the 1970s with kiwifruit production.

Is Te Puke a suburb?

Te Puke is a suburb which lies within the Territorial Authority of Bay Of Plenty, one of 40 residential suburbs which form the wider region.

How far is Te Puke from the coast?

Directions. Pukehina Beach is 25 km east of of Te Puke, 47 km east of Mt Maunganui, and 50 km from Tauranga, 64km north of Rotorua and 63 km west of Whakatane.

What does Rotorua mean in English?

The name Rotorua comes from the Māori language, where the full name for the city and lake is Te Rotorua-nui-a-Kahumatamomoe. Roto means ‘lake’ and rua means ‘two’ or in this case ‘second’ – Rotorua thus meaning ‘Second lake’.

What does katikati mean in English?

nibble nibble
Katikati means nibble nibble (relating to a Maori chief’s eating of a kumara).

Is Te Puke rural?

Te Puke is a thriving rural service town with a strong local economy and multicultural character. The name translates as ‘The Hill’ which is reflective of its location near the Papamoa Hills. Being close to the Tauranga Eastern Link is a key advantage for Te Puke and its adjacent eastern settlements.

Where is halfway between Tauranga and Wellington?

The best city between Tauranga, New Zealand and Wellington, New Zealand to meet is Turangi, New Zealand which is about 33 miles from the exact midpoint. The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Waiouru, New Zealand. The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 39° 28′ 1″ S and 175° 40′ 18″ E.

What is Hamilton in Māori?

The Tainui people called an area on the west bank of the Waikato River Kirikiriroa (long stretch of gravel), which is the Maori name for Hamilton today.

What is the smell in Rotorua?

rotten-egg smell
SMELLS GOOD: Rotorua’s mud pools. The gas that gives Rotorua its rotten-egg smell has been cleared of messing with the heads of the town’s residents.