What is the Spy Happy Lens?

What is the Spy Happy Lens?

Our patented Happy™ lens tech is scientifically formulated to allow in the sun’s good rays while blocking the bad, letting you SEE BETTER by enhancing color and contrast, while helping you to FEEL BETTER by boosting your mood and alertness–something you’ll feel even after taking your sunglasses off.

Can I replace lenses in sunglasses?

Yes! Whether your old lenses are scratched or damaged, or you just want to switch up the look of your shades with a new mirror color, it’s easy to refresh your Ray-Ban sunglasses and replace your lenses with Fuse Lenses.

Who makes spy glasses?

Bollé Brands
Spy Optic has been acquired by Bollé Brands, which wants to extend its reach in the North American market. Bollé is based in France and makes sunglasses, goggles, and helmets for active sports. Bollé is owned by A&M Capital Europe, a private equity firm. The sale price was not disclosed.

Are all Spy Happy Lens polarized?

Yes! It’s like polarized lenses on steroids! The SPY Happy Lens™ not only features our patent-pending Happy Lens™ technology, it has Trident® polarization and color and contrast-enhancement so clear you can see the difference.

Are spy lenses good?

SPY Happy lenses weren’t named that for no reason. They’re the only patented lenses that provide a therapeutic benefit in addition to enhancing color and contrast. They literally make you happier! Long-wave blue light enhances color, contrast, and clarity offering a more vivid and defined surrounding.

How much does it cost to replace lenses in sunglasses?

Some places offer to replace your lenses for as little as $40, but that’s just for basic lenses. When you add on anti-glare coating or photochromic lenses (such as Transitions), the price for new lenses in your old frames can exceed $100.

Will Costco replace lenses in my frames?

You can bring in glasses purchased at Costco or your own frames, and any minor repairs or adjustments will be free of charge. However, any larger repairs will cost $25 and take between 1 to 2 weeks to be completed. You can also get your prescription lenses repaired or replaced at Costco.

Are spy glasses a real thing?

Types of spy glasses Spy camera reading glasses – These spy camera glasses have clear lenses and look similar to regular reading glasses. They are the most inconspicuous kind. They have polarized lenses to cut down on glare and protect your eyes. Bluetooth spy camera glasses – These can come with a lot of features.

How can I buy spy glasses?

The Spyglass Growth Fund is available for purchase through numerous brokers. Please check with your specific broker for availability. You may also purchase shares directly from the Spyglass Growth Fund by completing the appropriate application listed below.