What is the nicest lake in Haliburton?

What is the nicest lake in Haliburton?

Redstone Lake It bears a remarkable resemblance to Muskoka Lake scenery, which is why it has risen to be one of the most sought-after lakes in Haliburton County.

Does Redstone Lake have a marina?

The waters are pristine which in part is due to the fact that the residents of Redstone will not permit a marina on the lake for fear of fouling the waters. Redstone is but one of over 600 lakes in the Haliburton Highlands.

Where is Kawagama?

Central Ontario, Canada
Kawagama Lake is located on the northwestern border of Haliburton and Muskoka counties in Central Ontario, Canada.

Can you swim in Head lake Haliburton?

Smallmouth Bass is the most commonly caught species, with Largemouth Bass, Muskie and Walleye also present. Swimming – The water warms up quickly on this relatively shallow lake!

What is the cleanest lake in Ontario?

Grand Bend Beach Grand Bend’s namesake beach is a popular Lake Huron getaway. It is one of the cleanest lakes in Ontario and one of just 27 beaches in the country that’s been awarded Blue Flag status for strict water quality regulations.

Where is the warmest water in Ontario?

Lake Erie
One of the best summer destinations in Ontario is a white sand beach that features some of the warmest waters in the province. Crystal Beach is a coastal community that sits on the northeast shore of Lake Erie.

What kind of fish are in Redstone Lake Haliburton?

Lake trout
About Redstone Lake Redstone Lake is a lake in Ontario, Canada. The most popular species caught here are Lake trout, Smallmouth bass, and Lake trout.

How big is Headlake?

9.38 km2
Head Lake is a relatively small lake with a surface area of 9.38 km2 located at the headwater portion of the Head River.

What lake is Haliburton on?

Haliburton Lake is a lake in the municipality of Dysart et al, Haliburton County in Central Ontario, Canada It is situated west of the southern portion of Algonquin Park, between Percy Lake to the east, and Redstone Lake to the west….

Haliburton Lake
Surface elevation 360 metres (1,180 ft)

How deep is Head Lake Ontario?

30′Head Lake / Max depth

What is the nicest lake in Ontario?

Begin with our list of the best lakes in Ontario.

  1. Lake Huron (Georgian Bay) Georgian Bay at Killarney | Photo Copyright: Lana Law.
  2. Lake Superior. Agawa Bay on Lake Superior | Photo Copyright: Lana Law.
  3. Lake Erie. Lake Erie beach at Port Ryerse.
  4. Lake Ontario.
  5. Lake of the Woods.
  6. Rainy Lake.
  7. Lake Simcoe.
  8. Lake Nipissing.

Where is the bluest water in Ontario?

Clearest water in Ontario! – The Grotto

  • The Grotto.
  • Tobermory – Things to Do.
  • Tobermory.
  • Bruce County.
  • Ontario.

Where is Kawagama lake located in Ontario?

KAWAGAMA LAKE The Kawagama Lake subwatershed is 40,750 hectares in size and lies predominantly in the Township of Algonquin Highlands in Haliburton County. It flows west from the southern portion of Algonquin Park through the Crown Land portion of Algonquin Highlands into Kawagama Lake and eventually into Trading Bay of Lake of Bays.

What are the two main rivers in Kawagama Lake?

Fourteen creeks and small rivers feed Kawagama Lake, the two main ones are the short Bear River and the Hollow River. The Hollow River flows into the Lake of Bays . Kawagama lake is home to water birds such as loons and ducks, mammals such as black bears, moose, deer, foxes and raccoons and fish such as lake trout and bass .

What does Kawagama mean in Japanese?

In fact “Kawagama” is the Indeginous word meaning “hollow.” The Lake is set within outstanding scenery with high cliffs, rock cuts and beautiful treed lands. The Lake covers approximately 3150 hectars and has a perimeter of 109 kilometers.

Is there a water level gauge on Kawagama Lake?

There is also an automatic water level gauge on Kawagama Lake. This report card describes the health of the land, water and wetlands of the Kawagama Lake subwatershed and is part of the larger report The 2010 Muskoka Watershed Report Card that is posted on the MWC website www.muskokaheritage.org/watershed. KAWAGAMA LAKE