What is the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra incident?

What is the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra incident?

The Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra incident refers to a race row that occurred between Liverpool forward Luis Suarez and Manchester United left back Patrice Evra- a Frenchman of African descent- during the 2011-12 season.

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What happened between Suarez and Evra at Man Utd game?

At the final whistle, after a 2-1 Man Utd victory, Patrice Evra celebrated with a lap of honour of the pitch, which ended with him celebrating directly in front of Suarez, however Suarez did not react. Suarez’ snub of Evra’s handshake was met with widespread condemnation.

Why does Suarez have such big teeth?

His name Chewy comes to the fact that he bites a lot. That’s also why he has such big teeth. The MSN trio was Suarez main group since he joined Barca in 2014. It was composed by the three most skilled forwards of the club: Lionel Messigician, Notaxmar and Chewy himself.

Why was Evra angry with Suárez?

Mr Evra said that he was angry because Mr Suárez had insulted him. Mr Evra was speaking a mix of Spanish and Portuguese. All the Spanish and Portuguese players at Manchester United speak to each other like this so that they can all understand and talk to each other.

Should Suarez and Evra have their day in court?

“Suarez, whatever his perspective on what was said or what wasn’t said, and Evra should both have their day in court, so to speak, and bring any evidence to an FA tribunal.”

Did Paul Evra and Luis Suárez speak to each other in Spanish?

The corner was taken on 63 minutes and 5 seconds but by the time that Mr Suárez had flicked the ball on with his head into the goalmouth area, the referee had blown his whistle to stop play. Mr Evra and Mr Suárez are agreed that they spoke to each other in Spanish in the goalmouth.