What is re convergence?

What is re convergence?

Filters. The process or point of reconverging. noun.

What is Reconvergence CDC?

Reconvergence occurs when multiple signals are synchronized separately from one clock domain to another and then used by the same logic in the receiving domain ( Figure 5).

What is VLSI Reconvergence?

Reconvergent fan-out is a technique to make VLSI logic simulation less pessimistic. Static timing analysis tries to figure out the best and worst case time estimate for each signal as they pass through an electronic device. Any time a signal splits into two and then reconverges, certain optimizations can be made.

What is CDC in ASIC design?

In order to meet high-performance and low-power requirements, FPGA and ASIC designs often include many separate clock domains. This practice creates Clock Domain Crossing (CDC), which occurs whenever a signal is transferred from a clock domain to another.

What is convergence in physics?

Convergence is the physical joining together of light rays. Light rays tend to come together at a point (called point of convergence) from different directions.

What is convergence synonym?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for convergence, like: confluent, meet, joining, meeting, concentration, disembogue, concourse, connect, coherence, union and merging.

What is the meaning of Litis Contestatio?

Definition of litiscontestation 1 : a legal process by which controverted issues are established and a joinder of issues arrived at. 2 : the issues involved in a law case. 3 : the statement or pleading by which a party contests a suit.

What is claim in Reconvention?

Counterclaim. The defendant can include a counterclaim with the plea (also known as a claim in reconvention), to which the claimant has 20 court days to deliver a plea.

What is the meaning of the word reconverge?

Definition of reconverge : to converge again

What is Reconvergence in CTS?

In clock-tree synthesis (CTS), reconvergence is when any node in your clock-tree has more than one input (fan-in) from itself. For example, a lot of designs have bypassable-PLL circuits.

What is Reconvergence in a clock-tree?

This is more realistic, since in the physical sense, one part of the clock-tree cannot run at worst-case and best-case corner simultaneously. In clock-tree synthesis (CTS), reconvergence is when any node in your clock-tree has more than one input (fan-in) from itself.

How to avoid a Reconvergence problem with multiple clock domains?

when you a multi clock domain ckt, and when two clocks reach the same logic endpoint from different paths …you have a reconvergence problem..you need to either delay one clock or use some clock domain syncronization techniques to avoid this… Find attached document on this topic. subbu.