What is Mad Ads?

What is Mad Ads?

Mad ads is all about fun, its about laughing and having a good time. For the rookies, mad ads is a crude form of theatre, though not accepted as one by theatre hardliners.

What is implementing a scripted AD?

Implementing this script means you don’t have to recreate ads with the correct times, which runs the risk of having an ad running with old information. Your ads will automatically update at regular intervals, tapping into the audience’s fear of missing out on an opportunity.

Is Mad Men the best TV script ever?

It was the originality of the concept offering a glimpse into the world of New York advertising in the 1960s that first got Weiner a job as a writer on The Sopranos. Mad Men was then finally picked up by AMC seven years later and went on to be widely accepted as one of the best TV scripts of all time.

What is an AdWords script?

Written in JavaScript, these scripts give you a way to automate common tasks, such as creating a performance report or adjusting your bidding schedule. If you’re working with external resources to manage your ads, these scripts can also make connections to outside services via an IP Address or URL.