What is Linlin 2?

What is Linlin 2?

LIN 2.0 was an adjustment of the LIN specification to reflect the latest trends identi- fied; especially the use of off-the-shelves slave nodes. Three years of experience with LIN and inputs from the SAE J2602 Task Force have contributed to this major revi- sion.

What is the first version of LIN specification?

LIN standards and specifications. LIN (Local Interconnect Network) is a serial bus system. The LIN Consortium developed it originally. For the first time, the LIN specification was published as version 1.3. This version is still in use by some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Version 2.0 was released in 2003.

What are the different versions of Linlin?

LIN 1.0 1999-07-01 Initial Version of the LIN Specification LIN 1.1 2000-03-06 LIN 1.2 2000-11-17 LIN 1.3 2002-12-13 LIN 2.0 2003-09-16 Major Revision Step LIN 2.1 2006-11-24 Clarifications, configuration modified, transport layer enhanced and diagnostics added. Registered copy for [email protected]

What’s new in Lin?

• A LIN Product Identification for each slave node is standardized. • The API is made mandatory for micro controller based nodes programmed in C. • The API is changed to reflect the changes; byte array, go to sleep, wake up and status reading. • A diagnostics API is added. • A node capability language specification is added.