What is Laserline?

What is Laserline?

A laser line level is a tool combining a spirit level and/or plumb bob with a laser to display an accurately horizontal or vertical illuminated line on a surface the laser line level is laid against. The laser beam is fanned to produce a thin plane beam accurately horizontal or vertical, rather than a pinpoint beam.

What is the most powerful laser diode?

Let’s have a closer look at their latest product – PLH3D-15W. In laser world, the power rate of a product speaks for its performance. The most powerful laser diode we can get on the market is the 6W laser diode from Nichia, which can lase sustainably at 6W.

What can you do with a high power laser?

High-power Lasers

  • laser material processing (laser welding, cutting, drilling, soldering, marking, hardening and laser surface modification)
  • large-scale laser displays (→ RGB sources)
  • remote sensing (e.g. with LIDAR)
  • medical applications (e.g. surgery)
  • military applications (e.g. anti-missile weapons)

What type of line is created by laser lights?

Monochromatic. The light emitted from a laser is monochromatic, that is, it is of one wavelength (color). In contrast, ordinary white light is a combination of many different wavelengths (colors).

What can a 10 watt laser cut?

A 10 watt and 10 watt+ laser can easily cut wood, plywood and dark acrylic, up to 1/3” thick with a few passes, but with white acrylic or plastic it might be a problem since the 445 nm wavelength beam will be more likely reflected from the acrylic surface and will be unable to cut at all.

How long do diode lasers last?

25,000 to 50,000 hours
Typical lifetimes of laser diode modules are 25,000 to 50,000 hours. If the laser diode temperature rises beyond the maximum operating temperature the long-term performance may degrade significantly, up to and including complete failure.

What is the most powerful laser ever built?

ELI NP hosts the most powerful laser in the world with a power of 10 PW. The ELI project itself was initiated by Nobel Laureate Gérard Mourou and funded by the host nations as well as the European Regional Development Fund.

What is the most powerful laser weapon?

The beam from the Advanced Test High Energy Asset, or ATHENA, is believed to be most powerful ever documented in a laser weapon. A 30KW high-power laser was showcased by Lockheed Martin.

Why is laser light so intense?

Laser light thus differs from ordinary sources of light like a candle or sunlight, by having all its radiation power centred around a particular wavelength (in the optical or infrared), i.e. in a narrow bandwidth. This is what gives the laser its intensity.

Is laser an incoherent?

Laser light is coherent because all light waves in laser light share the same frequency (color) and the same phase (any two points of along a line perpendicular to the direction of motion are on the “same part” of the wave”). A schematic diagram of coherent and incoherent light wave pattern is given in (Figure).

How hot is a 5W laser?


Model: “ODIN” 5W Blue Laser
Power Supply: Lithium 26650 (batteries and charger included)
Battery Lifetime: 120 mins
Switch: On/Off Switch (Key locked)
Operating Temperature: 0-35 C

How powerful is a 10W laser?

A powerful 10W laser can work continuously 48-72 hours and has a rated power output of 10000mW +-5%. The 10W laser has a high power allowing fast engraving on stainless steel, brass, copper, anodized aluminum, glass, acrylic, stone, ceramics, and other materials.

Who is laserline?

Since the establishment of Laserline in 1997, the two managing directors Dr. Christoph Ullmann and Dipl.-Ing. Volker Krause have been pursuing a single goal: Developing customized industrial lasers for materials processing that can replace conventional lasers. Following their vision, they have been able to achieve their objective.

Why choose laserline’s custom laser?

With laser hardening, softening or drying, Laserline’s custom laser often achieve more precise and effective results than other laser beam sources or tools. The proven Laserline top-hat beam profile without intensity peak makes the material gentle processing possible even for laser welding plastic, tape laying or edgeband welding.

Where to buy Laser line in Taipei?

LASERLINE Laser Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD. 4F, No.7, Alley2, Lane 342, Fude 1st Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 221 Taiwan (R.O.C.) Laserline Korea CO., LTD.

Why laserline laser welding?

The proven Laserline top-hat beam profile without intensity peak makes the material gentle processing possible even for laser welding plastic, tape laying or edgeband welding. Laser-assisted bonding with Laserline laser can be used in the production of electronic components such as flip chips and thus replace reflow soldering.