Is there a skate spot app?

Is there a skate spot app?

Loke is an app for skaters, by skaters. Finally, a skateboard app that helps you find the best skate spots, watch to-the-minute skate videos and industry news, and offer endless challenges to win skate product. Loke is the largest skate spot finder ever.

What happened to the Carlsbad gap?

The famous Carlsbad Gap, located at Carlsbad High School, was demolished on Feb. 23 in a $198 million proposition to renovate the high school, marking the end of one of the most historic skateboarding spots in the world.

What is the most famous skate spot?

Top 5 Most Iconic Skateboarding Spots In The World

  • #5 Landhausplatz, Innsbruck, Austria.
  • #4 MACBA, Barcelona, Spain.
  • #3 Le Dôme, Paris, France.
  • #2 Burnside, USA.
  • #1 El Embarcadero, USA.

How do I find a skater friend?

Connect via facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram etc. Skaters are very connect online. So try to find local facebook groups and get added in. Then you can reach out, find out if there are any sessions going on, where skaters meet, times etc.

Why was Carlsbad Gap destroyed?

More videos on YouTube A few days ago they started destroying it due to a renovation to the school. Here is a video of the last minutes of the gap right before it was destroyed.

Did Jamie Thomas land the leap of faith?

The Zero video Thrill Of It All featured Thomas’s attempt at what would be coined “The Leap of Faith” (an “ollie melon” over a handrail and down an 18-foot, 8-inch drop). Although Thomas did not successfully land the trick, his attempt garnered notoriety.

How tall is Wallenberg?

4 feet 4.8 inches
Wallenberg, also known as the Wallenberg Four, is located at the Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School in San Francisco, California, United States. It is a popular gap among the skateboarding community and measures to a height of 4 feet 4.8 inches and a length of 16 feet 6 inches.

What happened to El Toro stairs?

Well, turns out that the notorious stair set at California’s El Toro High School is being demolished. With the stairs gone and nothing left but a perfect dirt tranny, Stark jumped off the neighboring roof aboard his downhill bike.

How do you meet skater boys?

Talking to Him. Hang out where he hangs out. Skater guys tend to spend most of their free time at the skatepark of their choice with their friends. Give yourself the opportunity to “bump into him” by hovering around his favorite hang out spot.