How do I track my eGlobal central package?

How do I track my eGlobal central package?

To track eGlobal Central packages, you need to find tracking number assigned to your order on the eGlobal Central order tracking page. You may find tracking numbers that look like: 11DC013310A65, this is actually wnDirect tracking number, but you need to strip away first and last 2 symbols to make it look like DC013310A.

Where are EGL central products distributed?

For the US –, Europe –, Italy –, Spain –, etc. However, the products are all distributed from Hong Kong, China. There are a few warehouses from which these products are stocked.

Why choose eGlobal central?

By paying through PayPal, you can make your purchase even easier, faster and safer. eGlobal Central also offers 30 days return policy and 24 months warranty for majority electronics products. eGlobal Central offers free delivery services to customers who make a purchases over GBP50 or more.

Does eglobalcentral UK ship to the UK?

Gutted to see eglobalcentral UK now closed. But their EU site is still open and the Shipping info says they ship to UK. Might give that a go, as I’ve never had any problems.

What is ebuyglobal central?

eGlobal Central is a global online shop for all brands of consumer electronics and gadgets sourced from all over the world. We will do our utmost to provide the best price possible for each item listed on our shop to ensure that shopping on our site could be fun, cheap and stress free.

How long will it take for eGlobal central to deliver my order?

With most products listed on the website in stock, eGlobal Central will try to dispatch the order within 24 working hours. Then it takes normally within 6 to 8 working days to deliver your order with the Free Shipping Service and for some remote areas it takes usually 2 to 3 extra working days.