How do I fix error 0xc0000225?

How do I fix error 0xc0000225?

Follow the below steps to hopefully fix the issue, no matter the cause.

  1. Step 0: Create a Windows 10 Install Disk.
  2. Step 1: Run Through Windows Automatic Repair.
  3. Step 2: Run Manual SFC and Check Disk Scans.
  4. Step 3: Rebuild the BCD.
  5. Step 4: Set Your Active Partition.
  6. Step 5: Check for Faulty Hardware.

How do I fix error 0xc0000225 on Mac?

One of the things that you can try is unplug all the external devices connected to the PC (except for keyboard and mouse), and then try booting the PC to see if it boots normally. However, if you’re still facing issues then we may need to rebuild the Boot Configuration Data file using the bootable media.

How do I fix error code 0xc0000225 Windows 10 without CD or USB?

1. Turn on the computer, press and hold the “F2” key at the sight of the first screen (If it does not work, you can consult the manual book to know exact key to enter BIOS). 2. Under “Boot” option, click “Change boot option” switch boot drive to USB stick.

What does 0xc0000225 mean?

First off, error code: 0xc0000225 means Windows cannot find the System Files used for booting, aka, BCD (Boot Configuration Data). In other words, if your system files are corrupted, the disk file system has a bad configuration, or if you have faulty hardware, the 0xc0000225 error would occur.

How do I fix Windows boot manager?

Fix the MBR in Windows 10

  1. Boot from the original installation DVD (or the recovery USB)
  2. At the Welcome screen, click Repair your computer.
  3. Choose Troubleshoot.
  4. Choose Command Prompt.
  5. When the Command Prompt loads, type the following commands: bootrec /FixMbr bootrec /FixBoot bootrec /ScanOs bootrec /RebuildBcd.

How do I fix boot BCD error?

How to Fix a ‘Boot Configuration Data File is Missing’ Error in…

  1. Click Next on the Windows Setup menu.
  2. Click “Repair your computer.”
  3. Choose Troubleshoot.
  4. Select “Advanced options.”
  5. Pick “Command Prompt.”
  6. Type Bootrec /fixboot and press the enter key.

How do I fix 0xc0000001?

Fix Error Code 0xc0000001 on Windows 10

  1. Perform Startup Repair.
  2. Uninstall Problematic Software in Safe Mode.
  3. Use Command Prompt.
  4. Run System Restore.
  5. Reset your PC.
  6. Reinstall Windows 10.

How do I manually rebuild my BCD?

Rebuild BCD in Windows 11/10

  1. Boot your computer into Advanced Recovery Mode.
  2. Launch Command Prompt available under Advanced Options.
  3. To rebuild the BCD or Boot Configuration Data file use the command – bootrec /rebuildbcd.
  4. It will scan for other operating systems and let you select the OS’s you want to add to BCD.

How do I fix a corrupted boot disk?

What causes BCD error?

One of the most common causes of this error is the BCD that became missing or corrupt. That could happen because of disk write errors, power outages, boot sector viruses, or errors made while configuring the BCD manually.

How to fix BCD error 0xc0000225 in Windows 10?

Then, you can perform troubleshooting operations. One of the easiest ways to fix 0xc0000225 is to use the built-in troubleshooter in Windows 10. It can be used to check for the system issues automatically and attempt to fix them. So you can also run the tool to fix the corrupted BCD.

What does the windows failed to start error 0xc0000225 mean?

This error states that the status or object is not found. When you use Boot diagnostics to view the screenshot of the VM, you will see that the screenshot displays a Windows failed to start error with the Status code 0xc0000225. The file associated with this error code will inform you which steps to take in order to resolve the issue.

How to fix Windows 10 boot error code 0x000000a0?

The first thing you should do to fix this Windows error code is to create a Windows repair CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Like other boot errors, you cannot troubleshoot this issue from inside Windows. But the repair medium allows you to use the repair tools when failing to boot the system.

What is Boot Configuration Data (BCD) in Windows 10?

The vital information is known as Boot Configuration Data (BCD) that can tell Windows how to boot properly when turning on the PC. The main reasons for this are corrupted system files, unexpected PC shutdown during a crucial update due to malware attack or faulty hardware, and more.