Does feedline length affect SWR?

Does feedline length affect SWR?

Coaxial Cable Length Does Not Change Antenna SWR.

What is a coaxial stub?

A: A stub is simply a short length of transmission line connected in parallel with the coax feeding an antenna. At the far end, the stub is terminated with either a short circuit or an open circuit.

How do I tune my radio antenna?

Attach the radio to the transmitter socket on the SWR meter using a coaxial cable. Attach the antenna to the antenna socket on the SWR meter using a coaxial cable. Set the radio to minimum power and to FM or CW mode. Tune to the lowest band available.

Can high SWR damage a radio?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Radio damage will only occur when you’re TRANSMITTING from an antenna with high SWR readings. Leaving the radio on to receive signals poses no risk to your radio.

Can you use TV coax for CB?

The cable TV coax its self won’t work as an antenna. It also won’t work well for a feed line to a CB antenna as it is 75ohm cable and CB’s are designed for 50ohm feed line and antenna. Of course you could connect it to the radio, you might hear something, probably not much. Just don’t try to transmit.

How does a stub tuner work?

Stub tuners are impedance transformers that are designed to introduce a variable shunt susceptance into a coaxial transmission line. They consist of one or more short-circuited, variable length lines (stubs) connected at right angles to the primary transmission line.

What is a cable stub?

[′stəb ¦kā·bəl] (electricity) Short branch off a principal cable; the end is often sealed until it is used at a later date; pairs in the stub are referred to as stubbed-out pairs.

What is a good SWR?

SWR 1.0-1.5: The ideal range! If your SWR is under 1.5, you’re in great shape. SWR 1.5 – 1.9: There’s room for improvement, but SWR in this range should still provide adequate performance. Occasionally, due to installations or vehicle variables, it’s impossible to get SWR lower than than this.

Do UHF antennas need tuning?

All Mobile One UHF Antennas do not need to be tuned, they are very broad-band and will have a SWR below 1.5 to 1 as long as they are installed correctly.

Why buy two way antennas from two way direct?

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What can I do to improve my two-way radio?

Perhaps the easiest improvement you can make to a two-way radio is also one of the least expensive and definitely the one that will have the greatest impact on both your radio’s transmitting and receiving range. This is the replacement of the antenna.

How do you tune a portable antenna?

Portable antennas need to be tuned “in the clear”, suspended from a non-conductive cord or standing on a non-conductive mount with as much free space around them as you can get. Those with fold-down stands should be tuned on their mounting structure, simulating real-world conditions.

How do I adjust the SWR of my antenna?

Tune to the high edge of the band you are adjusting for. Transmit and take an SWR reading and write it down. If the low edge has the lower SWR the antenna is too long. If the high edge reads lower the antenna is too short. These antenna types are adjusted by changing the length of the radiating element (s).