Can you live on Lake Allatoona?

Can you live on Lake Allatoona?

Can You Live On Lake Allatoona. Purchasing a house to live on the shores of the lake is possible. However, most of the land along Allatoona Lake remains undeveloped. While some neighborhood developments have been built, such as Village At Waterside, many homes are utilized seasonally.

Who owns the land around Lake Allatoona?

the Army Corp.
There are 25,000 acres of public land around Lake Allatoona that are owned by the Army Corp. They maintain and manage some recreational areas along the shoreline but also lease land to private entities that provide services to the public.

What county is Lake Allatoona GA?

Bartow County
Lake Allatoona (officially called Allatoona Lake) is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoir on the Etowah River in northwestern part of the State of Georgia. This reservoir is mostly in southeastern Bartow County and southwestern Cherokee County.

How big is Lake Allatoona in Georgia?

18.77 mi²
Lake Allatoona/Area

How deep is Allatoona Lake in Georgia?

Lake Allatoona/Max depth

How Clean Is Lake Allatoona?

According to CCMWA officials, “We monitor and test at our intake on Lake Allatoona 24/7 for Blue-Green Algae and other potential contaminants. We have not detected any blue-green algae or any other contaminant at the intake that would render the water unsafe to drink. The water is safe for use and consumption.”

How long is Allatoona Lake?

11 miles
Lake Allatoona is approximately 12,010 acres in size, it is 11 miles long, and it has 270 miles of shoreline. Most of Lake Allatoona is in southwestern Cherokee County, a significant portion is in southeastern Bartow County and a small part of the lake is in Cobb County near Acworth.

What is the safest lake in Georgia?

Lake Allatoona is one of the cleanest lakes in Georgia and is used as drinking water by nearby towns. The lake has eight full-service marinas where people can rent, buy, or store boats. The area also has playgrounds, picnic areas, and swimming beaches.

What is the Lake Allatoona real estate market like?

Lake Allatoona real estate is regarded as the fifth largest market in Georgia for lake homes and lake lots. Typically, buyers can find 170 Lake Allatoona homes for sale, and 80 lake lots and land for sale.

What is Allatoona Lake called in Georgia?

The lake is rarely called by its government name, Allatoona Lake. Its seemingly remote setting, in reality only minutes from Interstate 75 and Atlanta’s northern suburbs, has made Lake Allatoona one of Georgia’s most popular lakes, visited by more than six million people annually.

How many acres is Lake Allatoona National Park?

With its extensive camping facilities, this park is the largest of more than 25 parks and ten campgrounds adjoining Lake Allatoona. There are 13 hiking trails and at least a half-dozen biking trails. More than 25,000 acres of public land adjoins Lake Allatoona.

What is the Allatoona wildlife management area?

On the northeastern corner of the lake is the 7,000 acres of the Allatoona Wildlife Management Area, with its robust populations of both game and non-game species. “Allatoona Lake,” as it is known to the U.S. government, is the oldest U.S. Corps of Engineers lake.