Are mosquito magnets worth it?

Are mosquito magnets worth it?

Studies have shown that the Mosquito Magnet is very effective at capturing mosquitoes, more so than most alternatives. The Mosquito Magnet also attracts other flying insects that bite, such as black flies, biting midges, “no-see-ums”, and many other insect species!

Which Mosquito Magnet is best?

Trying to get rid of mosquitoes for good?

  • Mosquito Magnet MM4200B Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap.
  • Mosquito Magnet MM3200B Independence Mosquito Trap.
  • Mosquito Magnet LUREX3N – Lurex3 Attractant.

How long do mosquito magnets last?

By using one of the approved Mosquito Magnet attractant packs (Octenol, R-Octenol or Lurex3), the trap’s catch rate increases up to 10X. The propane supply, attractant pack and net last about 21 days each. The propane tank is not included.

How much area does a Mosquito Magnet cover?

Counter Flow Technology . Air flow expels over the attractant increasing the mosquito catch up to 10 times. Intake flow draws mosquitoes into the trap where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours. Perfect for large yards and pool area with up to 1 acre coverage.

How long does it take for Mosquito Magnet to work?

Mosquito Magnet CounterFlow Technology With this scientifically proven CounterFlow Technology, you will start to see results in as little as 7-10 days and a drastic decline in mosquito population in just 4 weeks!

Does the Patriot Mosquito Magnet work?

From the United States. This machine does kill mosquitoes. However, for the money, there are much better options. For example – In the first 3 weeks of operation this machine captured and killed a few hundred mosquitoes.

Does a Mosquito Magnet have to be plugged in?

The Patriot model is the least expensive of the Mosquito Magnets, but the main disadvantage is you need to plug it in, allowing less freedom of placement for a trap where location is important. It comes with a 50-foot extension cord and lawn clips to secure it, but you’ll need to be careful when mowing.

Where do you place a Mosquito Magnet?

The Mosquito Magnet® must be placed in a spot in the yard away from the area you want to protect. It must also be placed in the yard where the prevailing winds come from. The recommended distance is 30 to 40 feet away from people areas.

Where should you place the Mosquito Magnet?

Does the Mosquito Magnet burn propane?

The Mosquito Magnet uses clean burning propane which when processed through a catalytic combustion system creates warm CO2 and moisture. The mosquito-magnet also uses the heat from this process to create electricity so you don’t need batteries or power cords and it can be placed in mosquito breeding areas.